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It is widely recognised that various diseases are due to chromosomal abnormalities.  This means that the nature and structure of the chromosome has been altered and that it no longer behaves as it should. Such changes of the chromosome conformation would alter protein expression - rather like a jig-saw in which the square piece normally fits into the square hole but that changes to the way the jig-saw fits together, perhaps by the wrongful insertion of one piece which can alter whether other pieces would fit into their rightful place.

There is a new research specialism: epigenetics, which is hugely relevant. The most significant being that of epigenetics because it is increasingly recognised that all DNA, genes and chromosomes react with components from the external environment. This means that there are chemical groups which attach to your genetic material.  Moreover the nature of these attached groups influences the way that the DNA, gene or chromosome functions.  If one sugar is replaced by another it affects your function, if a heavy metal such as Mercury becomes attached it affects your function, methyl (and other) groups are attached, etc.  What is significant is the vaccinations are designed to introduce virusses or parts of virusses into your DNA. This means that each particle, a huge chemical lump by comparison to most other chemical groupings, MUST inevitably influence the structure of the DNA. Furthermore the more virusses that are added at any one time the greater will be the deformation, perhaps to the extent that it causes structural mutations which irreversibly influence protein expression - which is what we see with vaccines. Each vaccine suppresses the expression of immune chemicals such as b-cells, t-cells and immunoglobulins.  If so, the rate at which the body's immune function can deal with a disease, irrespective of whether a naturally occuring disease or a modified virus (as in vaccines) will be dramatically impaired.  The question at stake becomes: what effect will virusses have upon the child's normal physiology?  It MUST have some effect.
Such structual alterations could influence the body's ability to recognise a viral pathogen but instead could respond to another similar virus (a vaccine?). It means that the way in which vaccines are given (timing, multiple applications, etc) will alter the way that the body responds.

This is a sound scientific argument. Let scientific research prove the issue.  Medical research cannot have it both ways i.e. justifying an argument to explain the occurence of disease and then rejecting the same argument when it is used to justify the occurence of vaccine induced pathologies.

Ewing GW. What is regressive autism and why does it occur? Is it the consequence of multi-systemic dysfunction affecting the elimination of heavy metals and the ability to regulate neural temperature? North Am J Med Sci 2009;1(2):28-47.

Too many vaccines, given too soon in a child's life, many of which are not necessary.

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