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Hi Julie,

I admit I am a health professional but that does not mean I’m completely pro vaccines.  I don’t think we do a good job explaining the risks.  All medicines and vaccines have side effects and sometimes they can be serious.  As a patient or  parent you never think it will be you that is the 1 in a hundred or 1 in a thousand or 1 in a million.

However, I am disturbed by some of the reports I have read on your site.  In several cases I think there are better explanations for the symptoms people are describing.

I think we forget how painful vaccinations can be.  Having a medicine injected into your arm muscle can make it ache badly for a few days especially if the nurse had the needle at the wrong angle.  Having swollen, sore lymph glands will also happen, that is how the body makes the white blood cells to provide immunity.   Young children can get very out of sorts after their vaccinations and it is no different for teenagers.

Bell’s Palsy is usually associated with the cold sore virus or sometimes cold or flu viruses when they infect nerves in the face.  It is very rarely linked to vaccines and when it has, it has been linked to influenza vaccines. I honesty can’t see how it could be related to Gardasil as this particular vaccine does not contain any live virus that could cause infection.

I feel very sorry for the mum whose daughter died.  I watched Close Up and read some of the newspaper reports. My first thought when I read it in the paper was the depo contraceptive as the symptoms she described are known side effects including lack of concentration, confusion, fatigue, night sweats, heart palpitations, loss of appetite etc.  Look at the information on depo provera and you can see this for yourself.

I hope the Coroner confirms the cause of death soon so the family can have some peace of mind.

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Hilary Butler, <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

No, you don't do a very good job explaining anything much actually.  Yes, Depo has reactions, and do you explain those to girls either? 

But there is one thing you don't know, and that is that behind the scenes, we have a growing list of kids in this country with serious problems after Gardasil, and many of those symptoms you so swiftly dismiss as being "Depo" related, are happening in very young children, not even of an age to be on depo.

Why doctors would prescribe depo, which has hugely high levels of polysorbate 80 - something which is used to coat other drugs and drag them through the blood brain barrier, completely beats me.  These young girls trust health professionals, and YOU (generically) totally lets these kids down.  YOU (generically) blame everything on "being a teenager" or whatever suits the moment.  YOU (generically) have no solutions for these kids.

Your answer is to send them to head-shrinks - to tell them they have "typical" eating disorders, when they don't.