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Ozone-Oxygen Administration in Cancer Therapy
( March 5, 2008 -- Ozone-Oxygen Administration in Cancer Therapy

March 5, 2008, Marburg, Germany - Researchers at the Phillips University Marburg and the University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, Germany, applied ozone-oxygen peritoneal insufflation to the treatment of rabbit squamous cell carcinomas. This therapy resulted in the complete remission of the cancers in approximately 50% of the animals.

Ozone administration has long been known to inhibit the growth of various carcinoma cells in vitro. This study demonstrates ozone’s effectiveness and safety in an in vivo animal model.

The study’s data suggests that ”the intraperitoneal application of a medical O3/O2 gas mixture appears to stimulate the body’s own antitumorous immunosurveillance.”
Gerard Sunnen, M.D., president of Ozonics International,

LLC, states, “If, indeed, as shown in previous studies, internal ozone administration bolsters immune system parameters, such as cytokine and NK cell activation, these impressive results could imply new treatment considerations, not only for cancers but also for infectious diseases.”


The bibliographical reference for this article, published on-line on January 28, 2008 is:

Schulz S, Häussler U, Mandic R, Heverhagen J, et al., Treatment with ozone/oxygen pneumoperitoneum results in complete remission of rabbit squamous cell carcinomas. International Journal of Cancer. Jan 2008 (on-line; to be published March 2008, Wiley-Liss, Inc.).


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