This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Trish

My heart goes out to you and your family. My daughter has been sick since December of 2008 when she had her first vaccination. Within a few days she was rushed from her dads to toronto sick kids hospital where she was diagnosed with ITP, and has been admitted 3 more times since for the same condition. Her platelet levels drop to almost zero with no signs until the bruises appear we have no idea why. She also suffers from severe headaches and abdominal pain that appears at random and yet when i take her to emerg (because the abdominal pain is so severe she cannot even get up off the floor and has to be carried out to the car) they tell me they cannot find a problem. In additon to that she has horrible mood swings that come and go like the wind. I have admitted her to counselling and she is on medication for her moods but I fear that one day she will be one less. She never had any underlying health issues at all until she had that first vaccination. I did not do the other 2, but of course the doctors say it cannot be caused by the vaccine. Well if it is not then I would like someone to tell me why my daughter was sick within days and is now chronically ill. I wish someone would explain as it is driving me crazy.