This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Andreas

Hi there,

I am a homeopath and naturopathic physician in Switzerland (though I am German)and I have been running the biggest german anti-vaccine website for 9 years now. The main focus of the website are vaccine damages, which can be reported by individuals. As the site was only in german until now, I just got vaccine damages only out of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Due to a donation I received I was able to translate the site into English and now, all the vaccine damages (which were reported so far) were translated into English. As it is important, that as much people as possible from all over the world  become aware of vaccine dangers, I really would appreciate if you inform people you know to report their vaccination damages or to put a link on your site.

The report form link is:
Already reported cases can be read here:
HPV vaccine damages:

Thank you very much