This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Billy D. Norwood

Hi Off The Radar, I was so impressed with the magnificent work of Gary Null & Associates in their documentary, Autism: Made in the USA that I have sought to show my respect and appreciation by preparing a transcript  (pdf, 592KB) - - and I wish to share it as a public service. I can't attach it here, so I will need an email address.. I have already provided Gary Null a copy. I did get permission to circulate this from Gary Null assistant, Nadia Abdo [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.], and if you might like to get this posted on this website, as I hope you will, surely you could also contact Nadia if you feel there is a need to. To preview my transcript, in case you are worried about opening this attachment,
go to
or, go to;  
I typed every word that was said plus many words that were displayed, and I also added 300 hyperlinks. Also there are keywords as well as key phrases for "easy entry" into the material. Here one finds a comprehensive introduction to the economic, medical, personal and controversial aspects of autism. One may read as much or as little as desired. When one talks about information gained from this autism documentary he or she will be questioned or challenged, and this transcript will serve as a handy reference. I hope that you will see fit to promote this transcript, along with any promotion of the documentary.
Best Wishes to you in your great and inspired and necessary work.
Sincerely, Billy D. Norwood