This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Erwin Alber

Hi again,
have you heard of CEASE therapy developed by  Dr Tinus Smits?  

From his website:
Post Vaccination Syndrom:

Vaccination in children and adults can result in a variety of chronic health problems. Successful treatment of this syndrome consists of the homeopathic remedy made of the vaccine.

Dr Smits specialised in treating autism, as described in his wonderful book 'Autism: Beyond Despair', but there is no reason why his CEASE therapy wouldn't work as well for Gardasil victims.

You would need to read the book, or at least read the detailed description of CEASE therapy on his website. Basically, he uses the homeopathised form of the vaccine in various potencies. There are qualified CEASE therapists is a number of countries, but New Zealand homeopaths could no doubt use the principles outlined and make up and apply the remedies in New Zealand.