This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Karen Bullen

My daughter Anna had the vaccine in March 2009, and has not been 100% well since.  She started with extreme muscle pains and weakness which of course the GP insists occurred co-incidentally within days of the injections.  She became really quite unwell over a period of time and fortunately we refused the subsequent injections.  She still suffer dysmenorrhea, general malaise, continuous exhaustion, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, nausea, vision difficulties etc 18 months after the injection.  I did report it and the district health nurse was interested but sceptical about all the information I gave her.  What really upsets me is that my daughter signed that consent against my will at the age of 16.  She now says that, had they told her all the possible side effects she would not have had the vaccination.  It is a disgrace that the schools allow this to be given on their premises as they are tacitly condoning it which gives the girls a false impression of safety.  The pamphlets given out are very biased towards the pro-vaccination camp.