This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Rhonda Renata

Hello all,

The coroners report is in and only confirms what we already new.  Our Daughter Jasmine was absolutly healthy. Result .... UNASCERTAINED... Hmm just like most of the the young girls who died in their sleep after Gardasil in the UK.

The coroner has how ever paid for the brain samples of our daughter to be sent by fed ex to Canada.  This purpose is for histological essay examination by a very trusted and respected Proffessor .  Although we have to fit the bill for the essays to be examined .... we said we wanted all possible tests done .  We will keep you all informed of any results from these test no matter what the outcome.  Only thing we are dissapointed about is the fact that where vaccines are concerned sample of the spinal cord would have spoken volumes,  but of corse , that was not aquired juring the normal autopsy proceedure.

How many parents do you know would ...during their grieving  just pop over to the coroner and say oh! by the way .....can you make sure that you get a sample of the spinal cord?
It should be compulsory today as we enter a knew age of vaccines and big Pharma dependencies on these incomplete and fast tracked vaccines.

Take care out their and remember to debate before you vaccinate!!!!

Rhonda Renata