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 I miss the days when I used to ovulate every month. I'd always get a lovely amount of ewcm and light twinges from my ovaries to let me know that someday I would become a mother. NOW... I am dry and in so much pain! I am dealing with ovarian cysts every month since getting the shots. You want to know how many years I've had to deal with this? Last shot I was 16, now I'm 20. It took so long for my husband and I to conceive our first born. He is now an angel and we are desperately aching for a rainbow baby. Oh... but unfortunately I've got these cysts to deal with. Sure, let me go ahead and get on birth control too and see how that screws with my body! I love my mother dearly, (and of course she didn't know, cause they never tell you!) but I do believe that the gardasil shot has something to do with the problems I have been having for the last 4 years. No, I don't have HPV! But I do have other complicated BS to deal with.