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from: Barbara Breier

My daughter at the time was 16 yrs old and on Feb 27, 2008 had her first HPV vaccine and the second one April 24, 08. On June 14-08, I heard my dog barking in the living room I went to see what he was barking at and I found my daughter lying on the carpet having a seizure. At the time this was happening I did not know she was having a seizure because she doesn’t have a history of seizure problems. I thought my daughter was dying in my arms of course I dialed 911 and she was taken to the emergency room. We have under gone several tests CAT scan, EEG, MRI, spinal tap, blood work and currently seeing a neurologist. The tests have came back all negative and now she has to take medicine for epilepsy.  The first medicine the ER put her on was phenytoin sodium. Now she is taking Keppra, I had ask her primary doctor if there could be some connection to having taking the HPV vaccine her answer was that there has been no evidence or research to prove that the HPV vaccine can cause seizures. The doctor also said she probably has epilepsy. Wow this has been my daughter’s doctor since she was 5 yrs old. My daughter Sarah Breier is an outgoing teenager who has plans to graduate from high school and go on to a 4 year college. She is active in sports and plays the violin. I would definitely like to know why the medical field will not even consider that the HPV vaccine may have cause the complications.