This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Krystin Burt

I was given Gardasil when i was 15 going on 16 years old in a group home for foster children and probation children , i got the three shots because i was told it would prevent hpv and cervical cancer and a lot of the girls were getting it i am now 18 years old. Gardasil does not work didn’t prevent me from getting hpv when i found out i had it my doctor was just like well alot of people have it you have no worries. Well i don’t think it works for others i truly believe its just another way to get money out of people. There are young adults that get this shot and go out with no worries thinking they wont get hpv because they got this shot not knowing it only prevents certain hpv kinds, there are 100's of types of hpv. Well i worry much for other kids because it doesn’t prevent much, my sister also was given this Gardasil but she is in a worse position than me when she got hpv it went to another level than just having cervical cancer. Now that i fully understand Gardasil i wouldn’t of gotten it when i was younger because it wouldn’t of made a difference,