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To All,

My deepest Sympathies to all the families who's precious Children have passed away due to the criminal act set upon our children.

Everyday, I have to live not knowing if my daughter will get through her day.  I hate it when I call her and ask her if she is O.k. and she tells me, No, Mum.

 I have lodged a complaint of grievous bodily harm to the police. They have to act. If not, I will scream louder. I also informed the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the concerns of Gardisil.

A young 23 year old Australian girl dropped dead in Italy yesterday, I wonder if she had received Gargisil? So many healthy kids with their lives in front of them,  just don't become so sick or die for no reason.

The Prime Minister of Australia must act, and if she doesn't, in my opinion, she will be an accessary to the crime.  The fact is our children are sick, dying or are dead after receiving Gardisil and Gardisil needs to be withdrawn immediately.

To read in America, they want to give it to 12 year olds  Gardisil, with no need for parental consent is madness.

Does the Prime Minister of New Zealand know what is going on?

One can steal from me, burn my house down, accuse me of any wrong doing, whatever, I can accept that, but hurt my children I will not shut up, go away, and will not stop.

I have been in severe shock and numb the past week since receiving another phone call from my daughter.  Mum, I'm in the hospital, my heart rate is 70/46. a few days later, I went to the local police station and showed him medical records, dates etc. The Senior Sergent said,  what is the link between when she received  the Gardiisil and being so ill since? It was that statement made me think, what on earth was in that Gardisil? then i googled that word for the first time.

Those responsible for Gardisil, It is my opinion, you have killed or greviously harmed our children. If those responsible,  are some of the richest and powerful people on this earth, you have to held accountable for what you have done
through your recklessness, lack of Duty of Care and your greed and will need to compensate for the physical and economic damage you have done to our children and their families. Working people work hard to feed,  clothe and educate their children.  You have robbed them of a healthy life and their Mother's Human's Rights. All the nurturing and caring a woman gives her child is sacred and not to be dismissed as if the child, the nurturing, meant nothing.
I do not accept all those years caring for my child has come to this. No, I will not accept that.

My child is 1300 hundred kilometres away, I am not in an economic situation wheras I can once again walk out the door and be where I should be, caring for my child.

 All those years making breakfast, sending off to school, collecting her off the school bus and seeing her happy little smiling face, watching her dedicate all her free time to the Community,  scraping and saving so she could go to University, so proud when she was awarded 'Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year 2007' for our region, how we worked hard day in, day out, to give her shelter, to pay to feed, clothe and nourish her.

We were proud parents as we provided for our family.

 Now in a position, I cannot even make her a meal or be there to care for her is like saying I am now dead and she no longer can experience the presence of her mother's love when she needs me most.

I understand Gardisil is a Merck product, so I googled, Merck criminals.  The internet is a powerful tool. I understand who is involved, the power, the money, etc. Wonder if their children have received Gardisil injections?

We are not talking about the recall of faulty brakes in a car here, we are talking about our children. How dare a multi billion dollar industry injure our children through recklessness and not be responsible for Duty of Care.

Think one needs to read the criminal code of one's country, very carefully.

A man can be the world's most influential power broker, but you know what, if a man is without dignity and respect for their fellow human being , he is nothing but scum.

This is a world catastrophy. Politicians need to listen to the people they represent. One thing I have learnt in this life, don't underestimate corruption, as it is beyond belief.

We had a good Prime Minster in this country of Australia, a man we thought we could trust. We voted for him. Someone who would stick up for the people, a man who was not afraid to speak the truth, he appeared honest and had decency, but the power brokers replaced him.

Yours sincerely,