This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Justine 

Hi, my 15y old daughter had the injections in 2009 and has had not but ill health since.  She has been diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue, however she does not appear to be getting any better and is now of school and being home schooled by the central regional health school.  She has just had a specialists appointment and many blood tests to rule out any autoimmune conditions, which have come back all negative, which is difficult to understand due to the symptoms she has.  We have a strong family history of Lupus, penicillin allergy and my mother has an inactive thyroid.  It has been suggested to me that my daughters symptoms are a reaction to the vaccine and I am now convinced, having read a lot of information regarding reactions around the world and having spoken to another mother locally who's daughter has developed an autoimmune condition as a result of the vaccine.  I guess what I am wondering is, where to from here and how do I best help my daughter to recover and get on with her life.

Many thanks for your very informative site and any more advice you could give me.