This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Yolande van de Wetering

I read the article in the Herald this morning about the inquest into the death of Jasmine Renata and I couldn't help thinking of what happened to me about 12 years ago.
I was receiving treatment for severe pain in the form of  Brufen.
Out of the blue my hands and feet started itching and swelling up.  I went to the doctor 3 times and was given Zyrtec. But I kept taking Brufen until 6 days later I started having heart palpitations.  I called my GP and he told me to stop taking Brufen. Nevertheless I had a crisis, my heart was racing and I had difficulty breathing.  I was very sick and couldn't eat. I had the luck to be referred to Dr Ameratunga in Auckland who diagnosed septic shock.  The body is poisoned and turns against itself.
I don't know if this happened to Jasmine but if it did other people should know about it.  I found the Dutch explanation on Wikipedia under "medicijnvergiftiging" =medicine poisoning, this page can be translated into Engish.  All the best to Jasmine's family!