This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Trish

My girl too is suffering from the effects from the HPV immunisations. She has just turned 15yrs  old.. she was given the injections at school the all 3 when she was 13. Pre the immunisations she was a fit happy heathly  young girl that only ever got tonsillitis in the winter.. sge played aby sport she could and was like a eveready bunny.. she was always on the go. So after the 2nd injection she go "non conclusive glandular fever" she was very very ill so much so they delayed the thrid shot for a couple of months.. and boy could she sleep she nolonger was active and forgwt about the stamina for sports... she developed warts all over her hands that grew very rapidly we would treat them and they grew back.. . So she jad the third injection and got a flu like  illness.. and for the next year remained very tired but we put it down to the glandula fever... in feb of 2015 she got really unwell once again started off with flu like symptoms but rapidly progressed into a serious illness that put her in hospitial.. she was fainting..  temp in the 39 40 °  regin that wouldnt come down she couldnt hold her own weight on her legs would just give way she has a non discript rash all over her torso. Shr had headaches and unbearable pain in her back and knees.. we saw 6 different a and e drs 4 gps and while in hospitial 3 specailist all ordering mulitiple teSt  over 175 different tests were done over 9 days and nothing all inconclusive..  once the temp come down we went home and referred to perdiatric specalist  a week later she developed heart palpitation we were back at a and e and the off for ecgs and she had to wear a halter for 24 hours .. neither showed anything but she disnt have an attack while wearing it... I got told by the dr at a and e not to being her back to them unleas she stops breathing!!!!.  and a month later saw a loverly trainee specalist she doagonised hwr with cronic fatigue and cronic pain syndrome with treatment was sleep and a referal to the occupational therapist.. In that next three months I saw the doco on tv3 about yhe girls and the effects of HPV I couldnt beleive it.. that was what was happening to my girl so I emailed the specalist shesaid she would look into it and gwt back ro me at our next appointment... she told us at the next appointment that she had spoken to her superior and he had assured her that these were not consistant with side effects to immunisations. .. she had had a virus of a unknown discription that has seriously dibilitated her.. still cronic fatique and cronic pain.. in yr 10 she had over 3/4 of the yr off sleeping or to exhausted to go to school.. we have just had our last pediatric spcalist visit in jan we had a different specalist who wanted to perscribe ritilin cause its had 20% sucess rate at being a cure for cronic fatigue... umm hell no was my answer.. then I found a homeopath we have spent 2 months now detoxing her system for what they found . He has told us that it will be at least 12mths detoxing before we will see improvements... my girl is supost to be sitting ncea this yr but we have taken that presure off her she is going to focus on getting to school for her english classes and try to pass just that... she has managed the 3 days for the last 2 week so we are stoked.. im am so greatful and feel blessed that her reactions have not been life threathening and she is still alive... my heart goes out to all these girls ans just wonder how many that are suffering and not clicked that its from these immunizations.