Bogus Study Claims Gardasil is Safe

William Campbell Douglass I.I., MD [medical doctor]

August 31, 2009

There's so many conflicting reports floating around about Gardasil that it can be tough for parents to know what to believe. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association only clouds the issue even further. The study claims that Gardasil's side effects are rare and continue to occur at the same rate they did in the clinical trials. What they don't tell you is that those trials were a sham.

Instead of giving the control group a true placebo, they gave them one that was aluminum-based. To the untrained eye, this can make the results look convincing--and that's what the drug company is banking on. The truth is, the aluminum-based placebo pills alone can cause side effects like nerve damage, the deck was stacked. So it's no wonder the drug wasn't that bad compared to the placebo--they were both equally dangerous! But the cat's already out of the bag, and a growing number of doctors, researchers and parents aren't being fooled by these clinical shenanigans. You won't be fooled, either when you see the damage it's doing.

Dozens of little girls have died after getting this vaccine. Others have experienced disabling nerve damage, and some have even gotten ALS -- Lou Gehrig's disease. That may be why the editors of JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) decided to run an editorial alongside this new study questioning whether this vaccine offers any benefit over a pap smear. Allow me to answer: It doesn't.

Even one of the top researchers behind the vaccine's clinical trials, who has been paid by Merck to speak about its supposed wonders, is now publicly questioning it. No, I didn't just make that up. Dr. Diane Harper told CBS News in August that some of the side effects could make the vaccine riskier than the cervical cancer it's supposed to stop.

Remember, this is the same company that rushed Vioxx through the system, and we know how that turned out. Some folks even say Merck's HPV vaccine really stands for "Help Pay for Vioxx." Here's the answer we should all give them: Not at the expense of our daughters' health.

Vaccines Reduce Natural Immunity

This T cell (blue), one of the immune system’s principal means of defense.

An old medical acquaintance of mine Dr. Harold E. Buttram wrote many years ago about a little-noted letter-to-the editor in the New England Journal of Medicine, in 1984, about an interesting German study. In the study, a significant though temporary drop of T-helper lymphocytes was found in 11 healthy adults following routine tetanus booster vaccinations. “Special concern rests in the fact that, in 4 of the subjects, the T-helper lymphocytes fell to levels seen in active AIDS patients. The implications of this study are enormous. In regards to this German study, if this was the result of a single vaccine in healthy adults, it is sobering to think of the possible consequences of multiple vaccines (18 vaccines within the first six months of life at latest count) given to infants with their immature and vulnerable immune systems,” wrote Buttram.

The New England Journal of Medicine study showed that tetanus vaccines cause T-cell ratios to drop below normal, with the greatest decrease after two weeks. Though the altered ratios were found to be similar to those found in AIDS victims the important information from this study has never seen the light of day. “I consider it one of the most flagrant examples of negligence in the area of safety testing in childhood vaccines, the fact that this study has never been repeated,” wrote Buttram.

Literally billions of people around the world have been given tetanus toxoid processed with formaldehyde (as anthrax vaccine is). This might seem incredible when one looks at the fact that during World War Two the American Army reported only six cases of tetanus of which two of the cases were vaccinated. Vaccines in general are medicines against boogie men viruses and it was a dark day when institutionalized medicine fell down this black whole.


Dr. Buttram has been gracious enough to agree to write a forward to my upcoming book Humane Pediatrics. Through the years I have written about pediatrics starting with my books on the dangers and terrors of vaccines and pediatric medicine. It is simply terrible how pediatricians think and how hurtful they act. For instance:

In November 2008, my 17 year old daughter Krystal passed out at home for the first time ever (only for a matter of seconds). After a trip to the Emergency Department we were told that this happens to a lot of teenage girls and it wasn’t anything unusual. By January 2009, Krystal was passing out nearly everyday and I was having to pick her up from school (on the days she still went) by lunch time.

We were sent to a cardiologist in Wollongong who sent us to his colleague at the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital in Sydney. After having many heart monitors attached and a EPS (Electrophysiology Study of the heart ) plus Echo scans and many days’ stays in Cardiology wards we were told that there was nothing wrong with her heart. We then went through the same process with the Neurology side of things and were given the all clear, although a specialist at Wollongong hospital still believes it may be fits coming from the centre of her brain that weren’t picked up while others think that it could still be her heart … nobody knows.

By Feb/March Krystal was passing out everyday; sometimes twice (the average time she was unconscious was half an hour). She was bedridden, if we tried to take her out she had to be in a wheelchair but even that was to much for her. Obviously, she had to leave school (year 11) and her part time job at Bakers Delight that she had held from the time she turned 14.

On Tuesday 23 February 2010 we saw yet another specialist at the RPA who believes Krystal may have a Post Viral Disorder. When Krystal mentioned in passing the Cervical Cancer Vaccine and the fact that this all started during the vaccinations, the doctor agreed that its very likely Krystal has had some sort of reaction to them. I could not believe it. After all this time this is the first time that somebody has taken the Gardasil vaccination on board and seen them as a link to what’s been happening to our daughter. When we first asked our GP if there could be a connection he dismissed it so quickly that I felt silly for asking.
Some of Krystal’s symptoms included: Passing out, Headaches/ Migraines, Nausea, Poor circulation, Light intolerance, Feelings of hot and cold, blurred vision (usually with the headaches), Irregular heart beat and general physical weakness. All of this in a bright, healthy, independent, social, happy teenage girl with no prior illness!

As for our home life we quickly got to a stage where we realised that it was to dangerous for Krystal to walk anywhere by herself and somebody had to be with her at all times she was on her feet for fear of a head injury as she had no warning when she passed out. So I gave up my full time work .We made this decision after a few very frightening experiences. The first one was when she passed out in the bathroom and hit her head on the back of the door (thankfully not the edge of the bath or vanity) and I couldn’t get in the bathroom as her body was blocking the door. Another time Krystal passed out in the kitchen and I was in my bedroom so I hadn’t actually seen her fall (although I heard it), but I hadn’t seen if she had hit the corner of the bench and when I got to her, her eyes were open but she was unresponsive (for around 10 minutes ) and had a very weak pulse….I actually thought I was going to lose her. Obviously that involved two more ambulance trips.
After that if Krystal needed the toilet or a bath (she has passed out in the bath ), I took her. Even just to go from one room to the next either myself or my husband walked with her. We took our phones to bed in case she needed the bathroom at night and I often got up to check on her. We also had carpet laid just in case to make a softer landing than the polished floorboards. Stairs were out as the exertion was to much so far too dangerous … Krystal didn’t see downstairs at home for 9 months (our main living area and front door are upstairs) and we all had a big laugh at her first time back down because it was like seeing it for the first time!

Luckily, Krystal is an extremely positive, happy and intelligent teenager who has kept the belief that she WILL get better and this is only a hiccup in her life. I think she had to believe that or else she would have fallen apart. Even during the worst time she tried to learn Italian and guitar to keep her mind active. Since she has been feeling better for the last 2 months (she still has bad days but also has really good periods), she has hit the ground running with her studies and her wonderful boss and staff at Bakers Delight have welcomed her back on a few short shifts to see how she goes. They watch her very closely.

I cannot change the fact that Krissy did get the Gardasil injections but the next best thing is to:

a) Get Gardasil off the market;

b) Inform as many people as possible of the potential side effects so others can make more informed and educated decisions than we did …

I cannot begin to explain the toll this has taken on Krystal’s life and our family and I would love to be in touch with anyone who has experienced similar problems to learn more or help someone else if possible.

On 27th March, 2008, I received my first cervical cancer vaccination dose. The second vaccination was on 5th June 08 and the third on 19th Nov 08. In November 2008, I passed out for the first time.
My mother, who thought it best to go to the hospital just to be safe, had her mind eased when we were told it was probably just low blood pressure.
Then, in January 2009, I passed out for approximately 10-15 seconds at school. I was sent home, and we again went to the hospital, just to be told by a doctor that “some girls just pass out”.
When it started happening for a third time, and then a fourth and so on, obviously we started worrying. We went to our GP and he recommended that I wore a halter monitor for 24hours which showed I had an irregular heartbeat.
As all this came on, I started getting bad headaches and migraines, which I have never in my life had. I would feel sick and queasy in the stomach, like throwing up, daily. The colour from my whole body was literally drained, I was as white as a ghost.
By now, this was occurring on a daily basis, so we were referred to a local heart specialist in Wollongong. He recommended that I wear another halter monitor, have a CAT scan, and an EEG neurological test. I received all three, with the CAT scan, and EEG neurological test coming out clear.
I received the same results with the halter monitor as I did with the last one; I was having palpitations, my pulse would start racing highly all of a sudden, and an irregular heartbeat was recorded. The specialist in Wollongong, believed I had a case of Vaso Vagal, but decided to send us to a more qualified heart specialist in Sydney.
The specialist in Sydney, believed I had an irregular heartbeat, which was shown even whilst sleeping. My heart rate would increase dramatically, at the slightest changes. If I was sitting down, my pulse would be normal, around 70-85beats, then when I stood up, the monitor recorded that my pulse increased to 180beats. When I was in hospital, if I would stand up to walk around the corridor, my monitor would constantly beep, because my heart rate had increased so dramatically. The heart specialist recommended I have a mini operation on my heart (called an EPS) to determine whether anything drastic needed to be done.
After the operation it was determined that there was nothing wrong with my heart. When I was coming-to, from the anaesthetic, I started having what looked like a seizure, only when the neurologist came to help, he said it wasn’t a normal seizure. I hadn’t wet myself, did not bite my tongue etc.  I stayed in cardiology at RPA for a week during that time and even though I passed out in the shower and my heart rate would go through the roof if I stood up and was generally unwell all day, they couldn’t find any answers. My heart specialist, then transferred me over to this neurologist, who put me on a waiting list for a week long EEG, to see if my 20minute long EEG (that I’d had previously) had missed anything.
I had gotten so bad, that by March I had to leave school, because I was only there for a maximum of an hour, before I’d passed out again. My length of my pass outs were increasing dramatically, it went from 10seconds, to five minutes, then ten minutes, fifteen, etc.
When it was time to have the week long EEG, it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk ANYWHERE. If I was exposed to too much sunlight, I would pass out, or get a migraine. Sitting upright in the wheelchair for too long, would cause me to faint. My blood pressure was permanently low. I could do nothing, and go nowhere. I couldn’t even walk myself to the bathroom without someone needing to come with me. All dignity was lost, and I would get so frustrated with the fact that I could do NOTHING on my own. Trying to stay positive was difficult, but I would not let myself melt down and come to pieces with whatever this was. That would just make things so much harder, not only on me, but my family and loved ones. Having a shower, obviously, was out of the question, as my blood pressure was permanently low at this point. So I would have a bath instead. One time I got so frustrated with anything and everything, and I just wanted to have a bath on my own for once, which before all this happened, I would be able to do freely whenever I wanted.
And of course, I passed out in the bath. That was so scary, one of the most terrifying moments of my life I think. I remember waking up, and my Mum and Dad were pulling me out of the bath, I had no idea what was going on. I just remember coughing up the water, I was so scared, and I remember mum’s face, she was terrified and crying I think. This was my life for over a year.
Hospital trips, ambulance rides, and then the hospital stays. The worst thing was, we had no idea what was happening, and what was causing it. The days that I wasn’t in hospital, I was at home, all day, every day. Being in the wheelchair was such a horrible experience for me, I hated it.
We would go through times when nothing would happen for a week or two, and I would get so excited, thinking whatever it was that had been ruining my life, had finally left! When I then passed out, it was heartbreaking. I wanted so badly for everything to get back to normal.
It started getting scary; the amount of time I was unconscious for was increasing dramatically still. The longest time I have ever been unconscious for was 40minutes straight. That was when the hospitals finally started taking things seriously, and doing tests, and more tests, which finally led my family and I, to discovering that it could be from having the three cervical cancer vaccinations.
If only people knew how much this has impacted not only on my life, but on my family’s life too. Having no idea what was going on, we all thought that this might be a permanent factor.
There were times in that period, where I thought I was going to die. Times where I’d passed out on a main road, outside on my driveway, in the bath, in the shopping centre, when I was asleep and when I was home alone (after we thought I was getting better). The impact it has had on my 8 year old sister, is just heart breaking. I remember on her birthday, Mum and I went shopping for her birthday cake, and I passed out in the shops. I felt so horrible that I couldn’t be there, and that Mum had to stay in hospital with me. My sister wasn’t left alone with me very often, but there has been a time where I passed out on the driveway, and she was the only one here. That was heartbreaking, that she had the weight of that on her shoulders.
I am infuriated that I had to postpone 18 months of my life, leave school, not be able to drive, not be able to work, have no social life. I had to live with this EVERY DAY. There was no escape, I virtually could do nothing. I am outraged that it has taken so long for my family and I to find out the true cause of this, and I believe we deserve to be heard from. This vaccination should never have been allowed into Australia without proper testing.
I will not stop until we have been listened to, and action has been taken, and this vaccination is taken off the market completely.


BY LESLIE BOTHA   -  22 MAY 2010

In the first article questioning how Gardasil passed the FDA review prior to approval of the license to unleash the HPV vaccine on the general population, the information represented was quoted from the prescribing information packet given to medical professionals responsible for dispensing this supposed miracle cure for cervical cancer.

Almost immediately after publication, I received a request from Cynthia A. Janak, a research journalist, asking me to take a look at some of the information Merck presented to the FDA prior to Gardasil's approval. After carefully reviewing the information, it is my opinion that no one in their right mind would think the potential benefits of Gardasil outweigh the risks involved when this vaccine is injected.

According to Merck's Gardasil prescribing information packet, out of the 20,118 healthy young women who were injected with either Gardasil, or their proprietary AAHS 'control' solution, there were 463 reports of 19 different new medical conditions that occurred after enrollment in the clinical trials. Also, according to the same information packet, these new conditions were indicative of systemic autoimmune disorders. 463 reports out of a population of 20,118 is roughtly 2%. To many people, that is an acceptable risk for the benefits HPV vaccines are supposed to offer.

Unfortunately, this is not the same information that was presented to the FDA. According to the information Merck presented to the FDA, out of 21,464 participants who were injected with either Gardasil, or the AAHS control solution, there were 16,180 reports of 77 different new medical conditions occurring after enrollment in their clinical safety trials. 16,180 reports out of a population of 21,464 is 75%.

That means, according to the information presented by Merck to the FDA, out of every four people who consent to take Gardasil, three will experience some sort of new medical condition. These potential 'new medical conditions' include a laundry list of almost everything that can go wrong with a human body. Do the benefits still outweigh the risks?

Which information is one supposed to believe? Obviously one of these two documents is not accurate; but, both sets of information originated from the same source--Merck.

How can any official within the FDA possibly think the benefits of Gardasil outweigh the risks? Are they not there to protect the public health and safety?

Before you consent to receiving Gardasil, think about it--according to Merck's own information--you have a 75% chance of experiencing a new medical condition. Do the benefits still outweigh the risks?

Sources:  Gardasil trials update--"New Medical Conditions,"  by Cynthia A. Janak; and Merck's prescribing information packet.

For more information on what types of new medical conditions have been reported, read Cynthia's article (link provided above). If you have more questions about Gardasil, visit


Do you find something seriously wrong with this scenario?

Reports of faulty gas pedals, obstructive floor carpets, and failing breaks in Toyota and Lexus vehicles generated uproar across major media networks. For the 4-year period starting in 2006, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had reported 5 deaths, 17 injuries and 13 crashes, and an additional 29 deaths between 2000 and 2005. There was no hesitation among the networks and federal officials to demonize Toyota for knowingly risking the lives of people solely to empty its dealership lots. Even Congress quickly called for a Congressional investigation, and Toyota took upon itself the responsibility to recall over 8 million vehicles.

During the same four year period while NHTSA was collecting crash data on Toyota's lemons, the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database was gathering casualty data following vaccinations with Merck's human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil. And it was clear that Merck was far ahead and winning its race against Toyota for the Lemon of the Decade Award. Since Gardasil's launch in 2006, the vaccine has been responsible for 66 deaths and over 17,700 medical injuries of young girls, some as young as 11 years old. Six percent of reported events, or 1,100 girls, were serious enough to require emergency hospitalization.

Unfortunately, vaccine injuries are not reported immediately and thoroughly as are automobile accidents and deaths. There are no vaccine police rushing to the scene of vaccine accidents to investigate the incidents and to record injuries and fatalities accurately. Consequently, only a fraction of vaccine adverse events are reported by pediatricians, physicians, medical clinics and hospitals, and make their way eventually into the VAERS database. Few parents even know such a reporting system exists.

Cindy Bevington has investigated and reported about Gardasil extensively. During a Progressive Radio Network interview, she reported on the hundreds and hundreds of emails she receives from girls, mothers and doctors around the US and other countries complaining about the HPV vaccines. Often she receives parents' requests "begging" for help because their pediatricians and physicians refuse to report their daughters' adverse events as vaccine related.

By the CDC's own admission, only 10 percent of adverse events get listed on VAERS. Even this very conservative figure has been refuted by independent analyses; actual records can be as low as 1 percent of all actual negative reactions for any given vaccine. It is therefore realistic to suspect that Gardasil is associated with between 177,000 and 1.7 million adverse effects among vaccinated American girls and young women. reports that a young woman vaccinated with Gardasil is ten times more likely to file a VAERS report compared to an influenza vaccination. HPV vaccines now account for 20 percent of all vaccine side effects aside from the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. America's daughters are twice as likely to have an emergency room visit. They are four times more likely to have a death sentence, five times more likely to receive a report of "did not recover," and seven times more likely be pronounced "disabled.", 31 May 2010

After zealous crusading for mass HPV vaccination by media, pressure goups,  politicians and the medical establishment , the Irish Health Service last week commenced implementing an injection-by-Gardasil program for all 12 year old schoolgirls.  Irish parents signed consent forms faster than media  medical experts could hail this vaccine as  'terrific' . 

Irish media etiquette forbids mentioning the flood of deaths and debilitating reactions reported in the US  for Gardasil recipients.  By Jun 2009 (only three years after it's approval),  47 deaths of girls & young women, along with over 12000 side effects had been reported to the FDA via the 'VAERS*' system (these incidents are probably greatly underreported*).  So far, only two Gardasil related deaths have been reported in europe (from 1.5m recipients). 

Merck recent track record

The recent  track record of (Gardasil manufacturer) Merck does not render it unlikely that they would deny for years the dangers of an unsafe product, before finally being forced to pull it from the market (and then pay out billions in settlements).    A record, incidentally, that does not exclude deceptive marketing tactics to play down a drug's health risks.And what of the top research professor , funded by Merck to design and conduct the Gardasil Clinical Safety Trials, who admitted it was not tested for effectiveness in younger girls under 16.  "Giving it to 11-year-olds is a great big public health experiment " said Dr. Diane M. Harper, "At 11, these girls don't get cervical cancer - they won't know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer.  She also spoke about the need for  'more complete warnings'  .

Public-Private Partnership

Despite fudged clinical trials lacking a true placebo, the CDC* and FDA^ fast-tracked it's approval in the US.  They were approving a vaccine whose core technology had been co-invented and patented by researchers in the NIH (National Institute of Health), a sister agency of the CDC & FDA in the US Department of Health and Human Services.  This technology had been licenced to Merck who then developed the vaccine. Dr. Julie Gerberding served as the Director of the CDC when it approved Gardasil.  She is now the president of Merck Vaccines.  Such revolving-door-culture occurrences between Regulation Agencies and Big Pharma companies raise questions on the credibility and independence of the vaccine approval process.  

Three reasons why not to drink the Vacccine..(but injecting is 'safe')

The main Gardasil ingredients are- Sodium Borate (Active ingredient in Rat Poison, also known as Boric acid or Borax) - Polysorbate80  (Detergent known to cause cancer and infertility in animals)  - Aluminum Adjuvant - (Cause of nerve cell death in brain, linked to autoimmune disorders) Sodium Borate (Borax) and cockroaches

The US National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends Borax (Sodium Borate) as a useful pesticide for Cockroaches: "If you have cabinets that drop down from the ceiling, place borax on top of them. The roaches will take the borax back to their nest, and it will kill the entire colony. (Note: keep borax away from children and pets, and do not place near food". The NIH website also has a list of symptoms  for Sodium Borate poisoning which includes 'lack of desire to do anything' (which may explain the current sorry state of journalistic endeavor in the Irish media).  This list also includes convulsions and coma.

17 year-old Kahlia spent 2009 as a rotary exchange student in the United States, touching the hearts of all who were lucky enough to come in contact with her. She gave 100% to everything she attempted, nothing less was good enough for her.

The word achiever was hardly adequate when it came to Kahlia. She loved life, loved helping others, loved school, and loved dancing. Always very organized, Kahlia was one of the few teenagers you meet with a plan for her life. She knew how things were going to be -- she would make sure of it. Kahlia was an inspiration to all; the perfect ambassador for her country.

All of this came to a screeching halt when she returned to her home in New Zealand and had her first injection of Gardasil. That was the 27th of January 2010. Exactly one month later, she was in the hospital.

As difficult as the physical symptoms have been, the emotional toll is even worse. Her life has changed, and not for the better. Kahlia finds it hard to accept her dreams for a bright future falling down around her. She faces many sleepless nights wondering if her previous abilities can be restored.

Kahlia had to withdraw from school because she tires so quickly and is no longer able to concentrate as she used to. Even so, she has not given up. She now works part-time and is looking for ways to continue her education. She refuses to allow her symptoms to ruin her life completely. Kahlia is still an inspiration to others.

Here is Kahlia's story in her own words:

On the 27th of January, I had my first vaccination against cervical cancer. I started to experience headaches and nausea, which I did not put down to the vaccine at first. Over the next three weeks, I experienced uncontrollable mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, and clumsiness. I passed out a week before I was actually admitted to the hospital.

On the night of the 27th of February, I was taken to the hospital because I had tight, stabbing chest pains, shortness of breath, and headaches. My left leg had started spasming and I had a heavy feeling on my left side,. After x-rays, ECG and blood tests all came back clear, I was sent home.