By Jonathan Eisen

This is my understanding of vaccines after many years' of research and study:

I began my work as an agnostic. Katherine and I had a baby and we wanted to look into the pros and cons of everything we did for her to raise her healthy and strong.

So we decided to look into it. We were totally objective, as we had not thought about the idea at all in many years. For us it was a non-issue. So we began to look into it.

What we found was truly shocking and has inspired us to inform others about the real and long-term harm vaccines do.

Firstly, and this is important: What we discovered is that they don't work. Viruses come and go in their frequency and virulence. Lots of diseases appear and then disappear, having run their course. 

They have done so for millennia, way before vaccines came on the scene.  In fact, vaccines definitely DO NOT prevent the diseases we are told they prevent. The instances of so-called "vaccine preventable illnesses" such as measles, whooping cough, polio, etc., BELIEVE IT OR NOT, had declined dramatically during the previous decades, and were at their LOWEST RATE OF INCIDENCE when the vaccines were introduced. 

There is no correlation between the decline of these diseases and the introduction of the vaccine.

Full stop. 

When I discovered this I was astonished, to say the least. But the more I checked, the more certain I became it it was right. I even asked Dr Gillian Durham of the Ministry of Health in a public forum if she could find any problem with these statistics, and she allowed that she could not.

I had in fact stumbled across a story of unprecedented implications – the story of a huge industry thriving off a product that didn't work. (Not that it would be the first time something along these lines happened in the medical industry.)

I discovered that not one vaccine actually works, no matter what we are told. I discovered that much of what passes for "conventional medicine" is deeply flawed.

Vaccine "efficacy" is measured by AN INCREASE IN THE ANTIBODY COUNT. An antibody is a blood particle that the body uses against  viruses and bacteria, aka ANTIGENS.

Now, if the lab technicians detect a rise in antibodies as a result of the jab, they deem that the vaccine "works". They do not correlate any decline in the illness rates with vaccines. If they did they would come to the same understanding that I did, which is that nutrition and better sanitation caused the decline in the so-called "vaccine-preventable" illnesses and vaccines have nothing to do with it.

There is a rather serious logical problem in the way that "vaccine science" measures "efficacy". "Efficacy" is usually measured by how much a person's "antibody count" goes up in response to a vaccine.

Unfortunately for the statisticians, if a person already has antibodies to a disease-causing virus, they already have natural protection from that virus. An increase in the antibody count says nothing about how well protected a person was in the first place against the disease, especially since artificially induced antibodies may not function the same way as natural ones.

Therefore, if a person does not come down with the diseases he/she is supposedly "protected against" how can we tell why?

We can't. 

In fact, the truth about the efficacy of vaccines has been banished from our public discourse, while people who have discovered the truth are relegated to the fringes.

So it is with corporate-based medicine, and corporate-based science in general.

To my thinking, a society that banishes the truth is a society in deep trouble, and indeed our rising rates of serious disease are proving my point.  We are truly a dysfunctional society walking around in a "consensus reality" trance. We all believe the same thing, even though that "same thing" is patently untrue.

And we relegate the honest researchers to the sidelines, or worse.

In many ways we are still living in the Middle Ages, and we are still burning "witches" at the proverbial stake.

But the story didn't stop at the vaccines' lack of efficacy.

Because vaccines are highly dangerous as well. 

They actually attack the body, rather than strengthen it. They produce lots and lots of chronic illnesses and disabilities (including juvenile diabetes, according to the NZ Journal of Medicine) while not even preventing the diseases they are claimed to.

The manufacturers don't even test whether or not a vaccine is carcinogenic! This, even though one carcinogenic virus, SV40 was found in several vaccines, including the polio vaccine, and later cultured out of cancerous tumours, including brain tumours.

In 1962, the chief virologist for the NZ MoH actually warned the Ministry that this virus was in the polio vaccine and could cause trouble down the line.

He was ignored. And this has happened again and again. The MoH takes its cues not from the medical literature, and not from peer reviewed studies, but from the manufacturers of the vaccines themselves. It is part of a corporate culture and uncritically takes on board whatever the manufacturers say.

Unfortunate, but again true nonetheless.

I woke up to the fact that we the public, have been sold a product that actually CREATES more business for Big Pharma and their doctors, hospitals, and ancillary institutions by making us unwell.

Surprisingly, the trade journal for GPs in this country, NZ DOCTOR, is actually pushing vaccines on its members to increase LONG TERM business. (See: NZ Doctor, 1994 - 1996)

Disease is big business, very big business, and the sicker and weaker the people become, the more business there is for the "Health" System. And they have succeeded very well.

In fact, the Medical System itself is now (according to the NZ MoH) the third leading cause of death in New Zealand. (In the US, it is the SECOND leading cause of death according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (June 2000)

And vaccines are a major, perhaps THE major component in this agenda.

Proven over countless generations, natural paths to health are ignored, or disparaged, or blatantly suppressed.

The public is lied to again and again that vitamins are dangerous, that chemically grown food is as nutritious as organically grown food; that war is peace and white is black.

Vitamin D is an essential frontline component in the defence against flu, but is NEVER mentioned by the MoH. Vitamin C is an essential frontline component in the defence against meningococcal disease, and again never mentioned.

As I said, we are in deep trouble.

The reason "alternative" or "natural" medicine has succeeded so well over the years, despite the opposition from the "mainstream" is that it worked for generation after generation. Herbal medicine is our inheritance, and a rich one it is. However, it is not necessarily our legacy as it continues to be disparaged and suppressed by the large corporate interests that determine how our doctors are trained and what the priorities are of the Ministry of Health.

We are dealing with a system of deep political and economic corruption in which the same people who caused the problem are the same people called on to solve the problem. 

It never worked historically, and it won't now.

In health matters the system is exacerbating the problem of our declining health, rather than referencing and utilisating the solutions that have worked so well in the past.

The question is whether or not we will respect "evidence-based" medicine or treat it merely as a slogan. The evidence is all there of the harm vaccines can do and their lack of efficacy, and all we need to do is to pay attention to it.

Jonathan Eisen