Updated at 10:19pm on 11 March 2010

The principal of Westland High School says its board changed its mind about allowing anti-cervical cancer immunisation to be given on school premises.

Tony Guilliland says the board doesn't want to be seen to endorse the vaccine.Westland High School

The school, which is in Hokitika, has withdrawn its permission to the West Coast District Health Board to administer the Gardasil human papillomavirus vaccine on its grounds.

The vaccination, for girls from the age of 12, is to protect against cervical cancer.

Mr Guilliland says the board believes it's up to parents to decide whether their daughters are immunised, and didn't want to influence their decisions by appearing to endorse the vaccine.

The board included differing opinions on the vaccine in a school newsletter last year.

The DHB says the board didn't consult it before reaching its decision, but says it is the board's choice.

DHB spokesperson Brian Jamieson says it is the school's right to decide whether to allow immunisations to take place on its premises.

An alternative venue has been arranged.

Mr Jamieson says parents can also take their daughters to their family doctors to be immunised.