New evidence shows hormones and HPV vaccines don't mix

Christina England
On March 12th 2010 a presentation was presented to the FDA by six women, voicing worldwide concerns that the HPV vaccines were not only dangerous but should be taken off the market altogether. Up until now, no one has known exactly what was said at that presentation but on Wednesday 31st March this all changed as Leslie Carol Botha one of the six women, a women´s health educator and a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research spoke for the first time to the public and medical profession live online at a webinar conference, hosted by Dr Mayer Eisenstein the Medical Director of Homefirst Health Services.

Botha, used the very same powerpoint, that was presented to the FDA and spoke for one hour about what was said to the FDA, she was aided by Cynthia Janak, a research journalist, also, one of the six women who gave the presentation to the FDA.

The webinar Global Backlash Against HPV Vaccines which can still be accessed through the archive, cleared up many myths surrounding the HPV vaccines. More importantly everything that was said can be backed up with medical evidence. Something that the drug companies who manufacture these vaccines have not made accessible to the public.

No longer do the public have to rely on what the Governments, the medical profession or the drug companies who make money from these vaccines tell us but we can hear for the first time the truth about the issues that affect our children.

The most important and fundamental issue surrounding the HPV vaccine, is that the HPV virus, portrayed to both the public and our Governments by GSK and Merck as an STD, is, not only an STD. In other words, the virus can also be caught through vertical transmission and hand to hand contact. This means that many girls who have never had a sexual relationship can already have the virus. In fact, many are born with it. As no screening takes place prior to vaccination, no one knows if the child has already contracted the HPV virus, this of course includes children who have been sexually abused. If a child who is HPV positive then goes on to have the HPV vaccine, they may still develop Cervical Cancer. This means that there is no certainty that the HPV vaccine will work in a subject who already has the virus.

Other facts raised, were:-

Many previously healthy children have become sick after the HPV vaccine.

Many children are getting flu like symptoms and paralysis after the vaccine.

60% of subjects who suffer an adverse reaction will suffer this within 16 days of the vaccine.

A staggering 71.3% of girls do not finish the course of three vaccines due to adverse reactions.

Of all the vaccines on the market where children had suffered a life threatening event, the majority of those who had a life threatening event suffered it after after a HPV vaccine.
Botha proved without a doubt, hormones and women 's menstrual cycles, play a key role in adverse events after the HPV vaccines. She said the women that she had studied that had had adverse reactions, generally fell into three sub sections.



3.Women who were due to menstruate.

Botha says that this is mainly due to the testosterone levels in their blood, this is she says because the hormone testosterone, absorbs heavy metals. The HPV vaccines have aluminium in them which is classified as a heavy metal. She also states that anyone who has a hormone imbalance could react badly to the HPV vaccine. She explained that many young girls having this vaccine are in the early stages of puberty and therefore have irregular cycles with hormone imbalances. She points out that where a women or young girl is, in her cycle, is crucial to how they react to this vaccine. For example, before menstruating, a women's immune system is low, due to her hormones, this is why she feels tired and irritable, having a vaccine at this time can cause her she says to react adversely to the vaccine.

Janak explained how the 'Gardasil girls', as they are now called, are, through their symptoms giving the children who suffer vaccine induced Autism, a voice. Many of the girls who have been adversely affected by Gardasil or Cervarix are experiencing severe migraines and many Autistic children bang their heads. She says it could be that these Autistic children are also experiencing severe migraines but because of their lack of language skills, cannot tell adults that their heads hurt. Many Gardasil and Cervarix victims complain of severe leg cramps and numbness. Again Janak explained how many Autistic children are known to rub their legs.

Botha said that many of the woman and children adversely affected by the HPV vaccines have died suddenly. She said "girls are just dropping dead". Janak explained this is due to the fact that many are experiencing heart problems brought on by these vaccines. She explained this by reading out parts of autopsy reports on some of the dead girls.

To listen to the webinar in full and see the powerpoint presentations please link to Global Backlash Against HPV Vaccines or go to the website The Truth About Gardasil

Janny Stokvis another member of the group made this moving video about the evidence she has found on both Gardasil and Cervarix.

A big thank you must be said to the six women who took a risk to help others. They will go down is history as six of the great. They are Freda Birrell, Leslie C Botha, Cynthia Janak, Rosemary Mathis, Karen Maynor, Janny Stokvis