Posted by Leslie Carol Botha

VAERS report #319836-1:

I was diagnosis with Cervical Cancer in April 2008. I have gotten a routine thin pap test each year for the last 8 years. February 2008 was my first abnormal pap smear in my lifetime.
I received the GARDASIL shot in June of 2006 after hearing and reading about its approval by the FDA. I was the first patient my doctor ever gave the HPV vaccination to. I received all three of the shots and completed the HPV vaccination in November of 2006; each given by my doctor. I had my annual pap smear in February of 2007, and like each pap smear before, it came back negative.
When my February 2008 pap smear cam back positive my doctor then did a biopsy which came back with high-grade cells and warranted a Leep procedure. The Leep was performed at a local hospital on March 14, 2008. The pathology results from the Leep came back and showed that within a year of my last normal pap smear and 15 months from the completion of the GARDASIL HPV vaccination, I had full blown cervical cancer.
On May 6th of 2008 I had my second surgery, a Cone Biopsy of my cervix by Dr., an oncologist at Cancer Center. My second surgery was performed at another hospital. I will now have to see my Oncologist every three months and wait to see, not ‘if’, but ‘when’, my cervical cancer returns.
My oncologist would like to do a hysterectomy at this time, but as a 26-year-old who has always wanted children, I have chosen to wait as long as possible before removing my reproductive organs.
As a very health conscious and responsible person, I have always researched health care issues and been good to my body. Thinking it was in my best interest of my health and well being, I received the GARDASIL shot in June 2006.
It was discovered in March of 2008, followed by my first abnormal pap smear, that I have two of the four HPV strains, 16 and 18, that the shot is suppose to prevent, as well as prevent the onset of HPV symptoms.
I now have cervical cancer and I am left wondering what role the GARDASIL HPV vaccination played in the hasty onset of my onset.
According to the FDA documents women who have been exposed to HPV prior to vaccination have a 44.6% increase in getting cervical cancer for Gardasil and 32% for Cervarix.

Testing for HPV prevalence should be required prior to vaccination.
So for those girls who say they did not have any reactions to the vaccine – the drama may yet still unfold.  Make sure you follow up with regular pap testing.

Educate before you vaccinate.