For those who may be wondering what is happening in light of a coroners report following the death of our daughter Jasmine Renata after Gardasil .

 Absolutley nothing . No updates on anything from the coroners office .

  I have emailed them to inform them that this is appalling and that if our request for our daughter's tissue samples cannot be tested for vaccine damage here in New Zealand , then a very competent Doctor in Canada is willing to do the tests and that they should arrange to have them sent over to Canada.

  But still no response.

  It will be one year in September and we have only just found out from a magazine artical that we are unlikely to have any answers this side of this year.

  Why did they not inform us of this first .

 The coroners office has had nine months to complete tests so why are they stalling us ?

  Do they not want to find out as soon as possible if this cervical cancer vaccine is causing deaths and serious health problems to the young girls of New Zealand ?

 Shocking !! Will post any updates.

  Thanks Rhonda Renata