POSTED 3 August 2011      BY Julie Smith 

Well the MOH radio adverts have started in earnest down here in Timaru to encourage an increase in uptake of Gardasil from it's dismal 6 per cent so far this year. The advert has a young woman introducing herself as Portia and telling us all of the wonderful benefits of this new vaccine out there called Gardasil, the Cervical Cancer Vaccine and how HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and that Gardasil can prevent cervical cancer etc

My partner made the comment, "what an interesting choice of name for the girl doing the ad". He told me all about Portia spiders and how they operate.

Portia's trick and deceive other spiders, i.e. tap on another spider's web to entice it out to catch what it thinks is a trapped insect and whammy Portia grabs them.  So they deceive their own kind with the intent to harm and kill.  Pretty much what Gardasil is.  Coincidence I guess and maybe Portia is just a cool sounding name chosen to gain the target age group's (young girls) trust.
Also worth noting is the news reports of the Government's reasoning for banning Kronic.
"Because it causes racing hearts and seizures in some people" Gardasil does the same but no banning of that. Kronic reportedly contains prescription drugs, and this is also being touted as one of the reasons it's so dangerous.  However if these same prescription drugs are gained via a doctors prescription they are OK.  I guess it all comes down to dosage, and there's always going to be someone who wants more.  Add to this patents and drug trials not being cheap and Pharma wanting to keep their vice like grip on the money trail, and it all starts to make some sort of reverse sense.
The Sunday programme on vaccinations was an excellent piece of journalism last week.  IMAC's Nikki Turner's not putting out the fires quite so well these days, when she makes comments regarding "unproven" ACC payouts.  What grated me with Nikki was her nonchalant comment when questioned regarding vaccine deaths/severe reactions something along the lines "oh well you're always going to get deaths" which she knows their floored diagnosis systems will conveniently show no real link.  Guess she's happy for someone else's child to be sacrificed for the "herd immunity" just as long as it's not hers.