For any person that got the Gardasil vaccinations and did NOT have any side effects or symptoms, PLEASE go and have a pap test done immediately! We are getting reports of these girls that had no side effects to the vaccine that are now getting cervical lesions and cervical cancer. So if you know of anyone that received Gardasil with NO side effects, PLEASE tell them to get a pap test done immediately!

My 16 yr old daughter was also injured by Gardasil. She had 2 of the 3 injections (Jan 9th and March 9th, 2009). Before Gardasil, she was a happy, healthy and vibrant teenager. Since Gardasil she is sick every day of her life. She has dizziness, overall weakness, numbness and tingling in both legs and left arm, back pain, neck pain, pressure headaches, vision problems, breathing problems, chest pains, racing heartbeats, brain fog, stomach problems, nausea, diarhea, weight loss, hair loss, jerking all over spells...the list goes on and on.

She was an A/B student but failed her 10th grade year because she was too sick to retain what she was trying to learn (brain fog). She no longer has the energy to go off with her friends. Most days she lays in bed, in pain.

This just doesnt happen to a healthy teenager!! And it just doesnt happen to THOUSANDS of other girls with no connection except they all had the Gardasil vaccine.

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Please educate yourself as much as you can before you allow anyone to push this unproven and unsafe vaccine on your daughter! The guilt is overwhelming from a mothers' standpoint! I thought I was doing something to protect my daughter. Instead, I allowed the doctor to inject poison into my child and take away her life!

These 'side effects' are NOT rare! They are happening every day to literally hundreds of thousands of young girls after receiving Gardasil. The numbers in VAERS is estimated to only be between 1-10% of the true numbers! Try asking some of us moms who have to deal with these horrible side effects every day if we consider it to be RARE!

Everyone should look at the other side of the fence and research this. There are thousands of girls that are coming down with strange illnesses, paralysis, gran mal seizures, etc. after receiving Gardasil.

We are now getting reports of girls as young as age 9 that are breaking out with genital warts and severe cases of cervical cancer AFTER receiving Gardasil. Some of these girls/women did not initially have any side effects from the vaccine.

There are perfectly healthy girls all of a sudden come down with all of these strange sicknesses (some that I cant even pronounce) after getting jabbed with Gardasil. All within hours/days/weeks?

Just like Merck's 'wonderful' Vioxx...what will it take? How many dead/injured before someone takes notice?


The doctor that literally pushed this vaccine on us at a routine doctor visit told us that there were no side effects except for soreness or redness at injection site.

She also told us that it would protect her from a whole LIST of things! I had seen the commercials but had not researched it.

As a matter of fact, I never really THOUGHT about vaccines until my daughter suddenly started having all of these strange health issues.

She was ALWAYS a healthy child, happy and outgoing, active and just a joy to be around.

Now, she is a totally different child. She is always sick..always in pain..and cries a LOT, so scared that she will die in her sleep from the breathing problems. She describes it as breathing through a blanket or that an elephant is sitting on her chest.

She has SO many of the exact same symptoms as all of the other girls that have been injured.

It is NOT a coincidence! All of these Gardasil girls have the same symptoms, some worse than others, but the bottom line is the one thing they all have in common is Gardasil.

These symptoms are NOT in their heads!

My daughter started having dizziness, overall weakness, pain and numbness in both legs and left arm BEFORE we found out about any of these other girls having the same issues.

When I called her doctor that gave her the vaccine (as soon as she started with these symptoms) she said it was NOT the Gardasil vaccine that is causing it. How could she be so sure? This is such a NEW vaccine...a DANGEROUS and UNNECESSARY vaccine!

HPV is not an STD (research this!).

Cervical cancers have gone down 70% since the PAP smear came along.

This is NOT an epidemic! Why are they mandating this vaccine for as young as 9 year old girls for a vaccine that doesnt even do what they claim it will do?

Girls are now coming down with cervical lesions and HPV AFTER receiving Gardasil! I'm talking about healthy young girls that did NOT have these things BEFORE getting Gardasil.

Young girls dropping dead within hours of getting the vaccine and they think we are all stupid enough to believe it was a huge tumor that was in her heart and had spread to her lungs? (I'm speaking of the 14 yr old that just recently died after receiving Cervarix).

If that young and healthy and active young girl really DID have this so called huge tumor, she would have had symptoms. A tumor like that doesnt just up and kill it's host without a 'wasting away and painful period'.

That is a complete cover-up!

Just like the young girl that has been paralyzed and hospitalized for the last year, Ashleigh Cave. Because her mother was trying to speak out and find out what exactly happened to her daughter, they have now placed that child under protective orders! To shut the mother up?

This is all about $$$$$ at the expense of our young daughters (and now sons) health and lives!

It is an outrage!!!

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There, you can see other girls' stories and their pictures..there is also a memorial document with pictures and stories of young girls that have died after receiving Gardasil.

Educate Before You Vaccinate