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Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children.

They all show that vaccinated children have two to five times more childhood diseases, illnesses, and allergies than unvaccinated children.

Originally, the recent still ongoing study compared unvaccinated children against a German national health survey conducted by KiGGS involving over 17,000 children up to age 19. This currently ongoing survey study was initiated by classical homoeopathist Andreas Bachmair.

However, the American connection for Bachmair’s study can be found at VaccineInjury.info website that has added a link for parents of vaccinated children to participate in the study. So far this ongoing survey has well over 11,000 respondents, mostly from the U.S.A. Other studies have surveyed smaller groups of families.

Nevertheless, the results were similar. Of course, none of these studies were picked up by the MSM (mainstream media). None were funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) or any national or international health agency or medical profession group (http://healthimpactnews.com).

They don’t dare compare the health of unvaccinated children to vaccinated children objectively and risk disrupting their vaxmania (vaccination mania). The focus for all the studies was mostly on childhood illnesses occurring as the children matured.

Dramatic, debilitating, or lethal vaccine injuries were not the focus since so few, five percent or less, actually get reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Injury Reporting System) in the U.S.A. for various reasons including:

* It’s a complicated system that takes time from a doctor’s practice.
* Most parents don’t know about it.
* Only adverse reactions that occur immediately after vaccinations are considered.
* Since VAERS is voluntary, most doctors don’t want to incriminate themselves with vaccination injuries and maintain their denial of vaccine dangers.

Consequently, even the most terrible adverse reactions are minimally acknowledged, while long term negative health issues resulting from vaccines are not even considered relevant.


Different surveys summarized

The childhood diseases usually posed to respondents by the independent surveys involved asthma, reoccurring tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies, eczema, ear infections, diabetes, sleep disorders, bedwetting, dyslexia, migraines, hyperactivity, ADD, epilepsy, depression, and slower development of speech or motor skills.

In 1992, a New Zealand group called the Immunization Awareness Society (IAS) surveyed 245 families with a total of 495 children. The children were divided with 226 vaccinated and 269 unvaccinated. Eighty-one families had both vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

The differences were dramatic, with unvaccinated children showing far less incidence of common childhood ailments than vaccinated children (http://www.vaccineinjury.info/


From a different survey in the South Island New Zealand city of Christchurch, among children born during or after 1977, none of the unvaccinated children had asthma events where nearly 25% of the vaccinated children were treated for asthma by age 10



Many of the comments from non-vaccinating parents to VaccineInjury.info for the ongoing Bachmair survey mentioned vaccination danger and developing true immunity naturally were concerns (http://www.vaccineinjury.info).

A PhD immunologist who wrote the book Vaccine Illusion, Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, has gone against the dogma of her medical training and background. She asserts that true immunity to any disease is not conferred by vaccines. Exposure to the disease, whether contracted or not, does (http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org).

Perhaps the most informal grass-roots survey going on now is by Tim O’Shea, DC, author of Vaccination is Not Immunization. He simply has non-vaccinating parents email him with comparisons of their children’s health to friends and families they know with vaccinated children. That and more is available on his site (http://www.thedoctorwithin.com).

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Link to participate in Bachmair survey here: http://www.vaccineinjury.info



Source : http://www.naturalnews.com/





Krystal Kahura, New Zealand

Story as told by her mother Chrissy Kahura

I made my daughter sit down and watch Close Up and the segment on Gardasil with me last week. I wanted her to watch the programme because she went ahead and without my consent, received two HPV vaccinations during the latter part of 2009. I was unaware at the time that these injections had been given as I was not informed due to her being 16 years of age. It was really just to teach her that at 16 you need to make informed decisions. However, I had no idea that it was myself who was going to get some answers.

Krystal was a vibrant, energetic, sporty, positive young woman at 16. I remember her saying to me one afternoon after I picked her up from school about 12 months ago. “Thank you Mum for having me”. She has played rep Netball for the past 6 years as well as her Saturday team and includes herself in Basketball, Touch, Swimming and generally anything that is being played.

Health wise everything deteriorated rapidly for her mid November 2009 although she had been suffering from mild forms for several weeks prior they weren’t anything like we were about to experience. These ailments now ranged from extremely severe migraines, muscle aches and pains, cold sweats, temperatures, nausea, lack of appetite, extreme fatigue and extreme moods. She also could not think clearly and did some bizarre things which were totally out of character for her. She did complain once of tingling in her hands. Her lack of attendance at school had me at the point where I didn’t ring the school anymore to inform them. She also did not sit her two exams either in December.

She became very hostile and totally unreasonable to deal with. I even mentioned to friends and family that I would gladly have a houseful of teenagers any day than deal with what I have in the house at the moment. If she wasn’t sleeping off an aggressive migraine, she was sleeping because she was so exhausted. I honestly thought she was going through a “teenage itis” period, only this was an extreme one. Prior to her becoming unwell Krystal did suffer from migraines but they were manageable, these other ones were not. I use the word extreme as everything she suffered from completely knocked her flat. Several times I checked in on her when she was sleeping just to make sure she was still alive. She wouldn’t even do simple jobs around the house. Around Christmas 2009 Krystal asked if she could find some Happy Pills and I agreed to this as she was showing all the signs of severe depression and I was at a loss to help her. She would tell me on several occasions she couldn’t eat and hadn’t for two days. Krystal was given Citalopram hydrobromide Ta 20mg by her doctor on the 8 Jan 2010. She was taking 3 a day for approximately 2 weeks then stopped as she couldn’t tolerate them anymore. I tried to explain to her to only take one but was ignored. I tried to get her to see someone to talk about whatever was bothering her but she refused. Krystal also had a Rep Netball Camp mid January to attend but could not go to this as by this time there were little signs she was slowly recovering but still too unwell to participate.

Now after watching Close Up, it all fits. The injections given all match up with her health decline and her refusal to speak to someone because there was “nothing” wrong. By nothing I mean a situation causing her to become depressed, only a reaction to the vaccination triggering a downward spiral of her health. As we had no idea that this was the case, we assumed there were situations in Krystal’s life that she was unable to control or as the doctor puts it “unresolved issues” but looking back, I do believe the medical profession do not want to make the connection between HPV and serious health problems, it is far easier to put it down to unresolved issues that is causing depression in an otherwise fit and healthy young lady.

The vaccination may be a trigger in distorting thoughts as well.

It scares me to think what may have happened had we not seen this programme and I thank Rhonda and Stevie for speaking up and making us aware. Krystal was due for her third injection and I have now made the Nurse put an alert on the computer and under no circumstances is she to receive this. Krystal may have been another statistic. I believe they have saved her life and my heart and prayers go out to Rhonda.


Written by JACQUELINE DOLLARD New Zealand contributing author for www.sanevax.org

Natural News.  On the heels of the Vioxx scandal Merck & Co. has apparently manufactured another marketplace dud with Gardasil. After receiving fast-track approval from the FDA in 2006, Merck's aggressive 'One More Girl' marketing campaign catapulted HPV into the collective consciousness as a serious health issue. Almost overnight, medical consumers went from not knowing HPV existed to fear of infection with the dreaded virus. Presto! HPV pandemonium was born.

5 years later Gardasil sales are decidedly lower than expected despite the hype and fear tactics. As the saying goes, "There is more than one way to skin a cat." in this case the way forward is a cat.

The United Nations Population Fund, UNPFA and Sanrio, the popular maker of everything Hello Kitty, have joined forces in a campaign called 'Hellosmile Project.''

The UN will utilize the high fructose brand as an avenue to reach all women globally to promote awareness and prevention of cervical cancer. The project, originating in Japan, has kicked off for the first time in the United States last month at the Sanrio Store on 42nd street, New York.

The integration of HPV Vaccine Delivery Programmes into health systems worldwide is a key component to UNPFA's awareness and prevention campaign.

This powerful marketing effort by the UNPFA and Sanrio means Merck's Gardasil will receive a major boost. Hello Kitty is the perfect candidate to breathe life back into the branding of HPV. Mind-numbingly sweet, adored by toddlers, teenagers, and young women all around the world regardless of nationality. Hello Kitty is a global icon, pervasive in popular culture and produced on every lifestyle item imaginable. She can be seen as a fashion staple worn by celebrities from Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus, Niki Minaj to Halle Berry, just to name a few.

According to Sanrio, they are "ambassadors who speak with a language above and beyond words." In other words they don't need facts they just smile and look cute.

Will the target audience of the Hellosmile Project be told the following facts about the Gardasil?

• Over 70% of the participants in Gardasil clinical trials developed new medical conditions

• The vaccine may increase chances of pre-cancerous lesions in individuals who have already been exposed to vaccine relevant HPV by 44.6%

• Clinical trials conducted by Merck in India were shut down after the deaths of 6 young women and ethics violations

• Included in a US Federal report on side-effects: seizures, anaphylactic shock, foaming at the mouth, grand mal convulsion, now paralysed, and coma are a few of the descriptions connected to the vaccine

• There is a laundry list of adverse reactions reported to VAERS on this vaccine that include MS, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, countless hormonal, neurological, immune disorders, stomach disorders, and death

• Duration of protection after Gardasil is unknown

• Routine screening/good gynaecological care is the only proven safe and effective way to avoid cervical cancer.

With facts like these, perhaps it's good to have 'ambassadors who speak with a language above and beyond words.'

Does Hello Kitty believe in informed consent, or simply handing out more brain-candy?













http://www.unfpa.org -

Story written by Jacqueline Dollard, Contributing Author from New Zealand

Please visit our site at http://sanevax.org/.

About the author:
THE SANE VAX MISSION is to promote Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information. We believe in science-based medicine. Our primary goal is to provide the information necessary for you to make informed decisions regarding your health and well-being. We also provide referrals to helpful resources for those unfortunate enough to have experienced vaccine-related injuries.

We are demanding the HPV vaccines be taken off the market until an independent study on their safety and efficacy has been conducted. Until then, we are committing our efforts to an educational media campaign to alert the public about the dangers of the HPV vaccines.

SANE Vax, Inc. is involved in the ground-breaking production of the One More Girl Documentary which will premier in 2012. Please join our cause by contributing to this project by contacting Ryan Richardson, Producer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .





Former Merck Scientists File Suit against Merck Under the False Claims Act
By Hilary Butler, Contributing Author from New Zealand

On April 27, 2012, a formal complaint was filed in the Eastern Pennsylvania Federal District Court accusing Merck of a longstanding scheme to mislead and defraud Government health authorities worldwide. Two of Merck’s former employees have accused the pharmaceutical giant of marketing multivalent MMR vaccines under false pretenses. According to the complaint, these vaccines have been mislabeled, misbranded, adulterated and falsely certified as having a 95% efficacy rate.

Before the lawsuit was filed, 21 doctors1 added their voices to other groups of doctors who are calling for MMR vaccines to be used as a regular booster every 4 – 8 years, in order to control mumps outbreaks. These doctors all assume that the mumps component of all MMR vaccines have the 95 – 98% efficacy promised by Merck.

However, the court documents filed by two Merck virologists meticulously detail how Merck ostensibly manipulated test results2 for decades in order to create a false 95% efficacy rate for the mumps component of their multivalent MMR vaccines.

The former Merck virologists contend that the multivalent mumps component has a vastly reduced efficacy which is directly responsible for mumps outbreaks during the last decade which prompted international calls for MMR booster shots every 4 – 8 years.

Virologists Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski describe how Merck had to recertify the mumps component in 2000, in order to comply with regulatory requirements in order for the mumps component to be included in two new multivalent MMR vaccines. The usual test, which had certified the mumps component’s efficacy in the 60’s, failed when used in 2000. They claim the results were so low Merck decided to change its own test protocol by testing the vaccine against the weakened mumps vaccine virus instead of the wild (naturally circulating) mumps virus.

When that modification didn’t result in the desired 95% efficacy figure, Merck’s executive directors of vaccine research, Drs Alan Shaw and Emilio Emini, instructed Drs David Krah and Mary Yagodich to implement a vast array of modifications to testing procedures,3 then, allegedly pressured both Krahling and Wlochowski to participate.

When these modifications also failed to demonstrate the desired 95% efficacy rate, it is alleged that Drs Shaw and Emini instructed Drs Krah and Yagovich to abandon “gold standard” testing, and implement a new procedure, supposedly with the agreement of FDA, which included adding animal antibodies to human blood samples taken both pre and post vaccination.4

By combining the very low levels of human antibodies with animal antibodies, a much higher total level of virus neutralization was obtained than could occur from human antibodies alone. The human antibody levels alone would never protect in the real world against wild mumps. But after adding animal antibodies, the human blood samples which had previously failed under the old “gold standard” testing were retested using the “enhanced” protocols and passed with flying colors. New ‘enhanced’ tests showed 100% efficacy, not against wild mumps virus, but against the mumps vaccine virus.

However, combining the animal and human antibodies led to a new problem. In some of the tests more than 80% of pre-vaccine blood samples now showed up as immune. Usually, the highest number of pre-vaccine immune results any scientist could expect is 10%. Further manipulations of the animal antibody levels failed to bring the pre-vaccine blood test results down to the expected 10% levels.

According to the complaint, Merck then implemented additional ‘creative’ strategies to show a lack of seroconversion in immune samples in an attempt to reduce the pre-vax level to the expected 10% because had the FDA seen the high numbers of “immune” pre-vaccine samples they would have easily detected the fraudulent test procedures.



Jasmine-RenataJasmine Renata – Lower Hutt, Wellington

Written by Hilary Butler, 14 January 2010

Jasmine was a very healthy girl, with no history of any health issues at all. After her first Gardasil vaccination (NJ02260) on18th September 2008 Jasmine broke out with warts on her hands, and her skin and moods changed. The warts were burned off on the 20th October, and didn’t come back. After the second vaccination (NJ11440) on 18th November, her moods were worse, and the warts were back within two weeks and were burned off on the 28th January 2009. After Jasmine’s third vaccine (NJ11440) on 17th March 2009 like clockwork, within two weeks, the warts were back for yet a third time. It should be noted that at the same time as the Gardasil vaccination, Jasmine was given Depo Provera (birth control) by her doctor.

But we all know, because we’ve all been told this… that Gardasil has nothing to do with development of either warts, or genital warts. We are told that they would have happened anyway. Yet the repeated eruption of the warts, three times, after each vaccine cannot be coincidence. How many other girls have had this happen and been told it wasn’t related?

After each Gardasil vaccine, Jasmine’s mood and behaviour changed, but like all mothers of teenage children, Jasmine’s mother, Rhonda, put that down to stresses in Jasmine’s life, and perhaps those “social” things that teenagers chose not to talk about…. Every little symptom that Jasmine had, was smoothed away with a variety of possible causes. Her chest pains were brushed to one side. Racing heart beats ignored. The fact that she was waking up in bed with pillow sopping wet was considered at the time to be coincidental. The fact that she could no longer do simple tasks automatically, or make decisions was puzzling, and worrying, … but dismissed. That is until Jasmine died and the jigsaw was pieced together. Then the blindingly obvious hit everyone in the face. Except the medical profession, so it would seem

.After Jasmine’s third Gardasil vaccination on 17th March 2009 , Jasmine’s immune system really struggled to cope with anything. Pretty much immediately straight after it, Jasmine’s temperament became even more agitated and she was a lot snappier. She complained every so often about a weak arm and tiredness during the day, but we thought that was her doing more shifts for other people than in the past. She slept in the day, whenever possible.

However, the arm pain continued and she used to get pins and needles and tingling in her hands for no reason. Jasmine started sleeping in, longer in the morning, and also going to sleep in the middle of the day before her afternoon shift. She started dropping things.

She also started to eat more than normal, but wasn’t putting on weight.

From June 2009 onwards, Jasmine started to complain of feeling clumsy. She started saying things like, “God, I’m getting clumsy!” and she was knocking things over, and dropping stuff. She complained that she was dropping things at work as well. Her mood swings became more volatile.

About the same time, we started to notice that Jasmine’s thinking wasn’t right. For instance, she asked me if I’d like her to grate some carrots. I said Yes, please. She got out the grater and the carrot, looked at me, and said, “Which way up does the grater go?” Having grated carrots, cheese and stuff hundreds of times before, that was a surprise. Even Jasmine would say something like, “Gee how dumb is that!” This wasn’t a one-off. In other little things too, where in the past she’d just do it, she didn’t seem to know how. It was like re-teaching a child.

And then she’d ask me, ‘What should I do with my money this week?” This was a girl who certainly knew what to do with her money in the past. Looking back, it seems she’d just lose the plot occasionally. She stopped being able to make her own decisions or work out how to do simple things. She was even asking me whether she should do other people’s shifts at work. I got to the point where I thought, “This girl is losing her marbles… where is her decision making gone? Why can’t she do simple things any more?”

Around May, Jasmine started to complain of sore legs, and a sore upper back.

In July, Jasmine intermittently complained of chest pain, and a racing heart. We’d ask her if she was stressed but she said she wasn’t. Her workmates have said that Jazz became very tired and grumpy. She would snap at them, and complain about feeling unwell a lot of the time, and would talk about having to fit sleep around her shifts.

At the beginning of August, Jasmine got a cold. Normally, her colds might last two days and she had never needed anything for them before this one, but this one just got worse, and worse. She also complained of a sore achy back and abdominal pain. And the warts returned again. Jasmine’s cold never got better, and on 21st September, the day before she died, she was still complaining of a runny nose which wouldn’t stop. She also had quite a few headaches during that cold, and leading up to her death. Her skin changed, with a lot more pimples than normal, which really upset her. Jasmine also talked about going to have more liquid nitrogen on the warts.

In a photo the day before she died, she didn’t look right. Her hair was lanky and she was very tired. But even so, she was constantly hungry and eating a lot more than normal. Eating more than normal didn’t seem to fit with a constantly tired sick girl, who had had a cold for more than six weeks. Jasmine went downhill emotionally, physically and mentally, but no-one saw it for what it was, at the time because … “ these things don’t happen after Gardasil”.


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