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Cynthia A. Janak
Cynthia A. Janak
September 30, 2009

Since February of 2007 I have researched the HPV vaccines extensively. I have learned so much during this time. Well, my most recent research has caused me to issue this warning. Let me show you how I came to my conclusions.

On August 7th of this year I referenced a study from Finland on HPV and its transmission to infants. In that study 7.9% of the families the mother and father were HPV negative but the baby was HPV positive. Another interesting fact is that only 2.6% of the families were totally HPV negative. What this told me is that in 97.4% of the families someone was HPV positive. This study also informed me to the fact that this is not a sexually transmitted disease. HPV is transmitted by casual contact.

Let us look at two diseases that are also transmitted by casual contact. I am going to reference events that happened when I was a young girl.

In the neighborhood where I grew up when one of the children on the block had the chicken pox that parent let all the other parents in the neighborhood know and we had a chicken pox party. I got the chicken pox because of such a party and I am fine. When I became a mom I found out through my pediatrician that my children would be the most contagious when they have the little blisters. This is because those blisters will pop and chicken pox can be transmitted by casual contact.

Another thing in my neighborhood was the measles parties. The same thing would happen and the neighborhood moms would get their children together who never had the measles. My brother went to such a party and came home and gave me the measles. I survived that too without any long term side effects except lifelong immunity. Again, when I was a mom I found out that measles was a casual contact virus.

In the HPV vaccines we have VLPs (virus like particles). These VLPs are for HPV 6, 11, 16 & 18. HPV 6 and 11 are mainly for warts. HPV 16 & 18 are mainly for cervical lesions that could lead to cervical cancer.

To prove that the HPV is a casual contact virus I am going to reference what I found in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).


30 September 09

There are now 51 REPORTED DEATHS linked to Gardasil

One of the things that you will notice when you read many of the reports is that these girls reported abdominal pain. This is important because on the autopsy report that was sent to me it reported "Pelvic Congestion." So, of course, I had to look that up. What I found got me really upset.

I found this on newswise.


About Pelvic Congestion

The causes of chronic pelvic pain are varied, but are often associated with the presence of ovarian and pelvic varicose veins. Pelvic congestion syndrome is similar to varicose veins in the legs. In both cases, the valves in the veins that help return blood to the heart against gravity become weakened and don't close properly; this allows blood to flow backwards and pool in the vein causing pressure and bulging veins. In the pelvis, varicose veins can cause pain and affect the uterus, ovaries and vulva.

Pelvic congestion syndrome is more common in women who have not been pregnant because ovarian veins increase in size related to previous pregnancies; however, in this study, 63 percent had not had children. Fullness of leg veins, polycystic ovaries and hormonal dysfunction are additional risk factors for developing pelvic congestion syndrome.

Diagnosis of pelvic congestion syndrome is often missed because women lie down for a pelvic exam, relieving pressure from the ovarian veins, so that the veins no longer bulge with blood as they do while a woman is standing.

If you go through those VAERS reports you will find numerous reports of abdominal pain that is being shrugged off as "it is all in your head." There are now many girls that have been diagnosed with PCOS and cysts on the ovaries. With many, many more with hormonal dysfunction like pre-menopausal like symptoms.

Now on to HPV 16 and 18. This news was reported to me in just the last two weeks. I am going to quote an email that I received from a distraught mother. The one thing I want you to understand is that the two girls mentioned in the email did not suffer any side- effects after receiving all three shots. NO SIDE EFFECTS

Tue September 08, 2009 @ 05:03 PM *********

My oldest received her 3 shot series when she was 18, 3 years ago — no problems with the injections.

Here is why I am now worried. Her older sister, who had the complete series, called me in hysterics this morning after getting a call from her campus Wellness Center. They told her that her pap showed a high number of lesions and she is going in for a COPO on Friday.
(biopsy of the lesions)

They were unaware that she had under gone the Gardasil series. I called the center and spoke to the nurse for the details. The nurse told me another girl approximately the same age as my daughter and having had the Gardasil series at the same age was in this week with the same issue. She, too, will be undergoing the same diagnostic treatment as my daughter.

Dr Richard Halvorsen: I'm not opposed to jabs but there are serious worries

By Dr Richard Halvorsen
Last updated at 2:38 AM on 01st October 2009

Evangelists for mass vaccination like to claim that these programmes are of universal benefit to public health. Indeed, so zealous is their enthusiasm for vaccines that, through a cocktail of scaremongering and propaganda, they attempt to suppress all debate.

The result is that people, especially parents, feel bullied or patronised if they dare to challenge the official drive to vaccinate against every possible risk of disease. Moreover, this climate of fear is ruthlessly exploited by the big pharmaceutical companies, which see vast profits in exaggerated health concerns.

Yet the sudden death of Coventry schoolgirl Natalie Morton after a jab against cervical cancer highlights the reality that vaccination programmes are not without their risks.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

by Barbara Loe Fisher

The summer of 2009 revealed two inconvenient truths about vaccination: first, the Gardasil vaccine is not as safe for girls as the government, medical organizations and Merck have said it is; and second, the H1N1 influenza pandemic is not as serious as health officials are telling us it is. Which means that fast tracked swine flu vaccines children will get in schools this fall may end up being more risky than getting the flu.

Doctors Question Benefits & Merck Marketing Tactics

On August 19, the Journal of the American Medical Association published two important articles written by doctors questioning whether HPV vaccine benefits outweigh the risks of recommending it for all young girls. The intellectually honest doctors publicly criticized the aggressive marketing of Gardasil vaccine by Merck and certain Merck-funded U.S. medical organizations and asked for more scientific evidence that universal HPV vaccination is necessary, safe and effective.

Bad Outcome Report After 1 In Every 1,855 Gardasil Shots

In the third article, written by government health officials, it was revealed that 1 in every 1,855 Gardasil shots is followed by a bad health outcome report to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

These bad health outcomes reported after Gardasil shots include lots of girls suddenly passing out and having seizures within minutes or hours of getting vaccinated and suffering head injuries and broken bones when they hit the floor. In fact, there is a larger than expected rate of girls passing out after getting Gardasil vaccine.

Girls Passing Out & Having Car Accidents

Back in 2007, the National Vaccine Information Center warned that many girls given Gardasil shots were losing consciousness within minutes or hours. Some girls have left doctors offices and fallen unconscious while driving and had car accidents. This brings up the little known fact that four girls who got Gardasil in Merck’s pre-licensure clinical trials died in car accidents. How many of those girls suddenly collapsed while driving?

Clearly, Gardasil vaccine should be given while girls are lying down and they should be warned that sudden collapse can occur without warning within 24 hours of getting vaccinated.

 For any person that got the Gardasil vaccinations and did NOT have any side effects or symptoms, PLEASE go and have a pap test done immediately! We are getting reports of these girls that had no side effects to the vaccine that are now getting cervical lesions and cervical cancer. So if you know of anyone that received Gardasil with NO side effects, PLEASE tell them to get a pap test done immediately!

My 16 yr old daughter was also injured by Gardasil. She had 2 of the 3 injections (Jan 9th and March 9th, 2009). Before Gardasil, she was a happy, healthy and vibrant teenager. Since Gardasil she is sick every day of her life. She has dizziness, overall weakness, numbness and tingling in both legs and left arm, back pain, neck pain, pressure headaches, vision problems, breathing problems, chest pains, racing heartbeats, brain fog, stomach problems, nausea, diarhea, weight loss, hair loss, jerking all over spells...the list goes on and on.

She was an A/B student but failed her 10th grade year because she was too sick to retain what she was trying to learn (brain fog). She no longer has the energy to go off with her friends. Most days she lays in bed, in pain.

This just doesnt happen to a healthy teenager!! And it just doesnt happen to THOUSANDS of other girls with no connection except they all had the Gardasil vaccine.

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Please educate yourself as much as you can before you allow anyone to push this unproven and unsafe vaccine on your daughter! The guilt is overwhelming from a mothers' standpoint! I thought I was doing something to protect my daughter. Instead, I allowed the doctor to inject poison into my child and take away her life!

These 'side effects' are NOT rare! They are happening every day to literally hundreds of thousands of young girls after receiving Gardasil. The numbers in VAERS is estimated to only be between 1-10% of the true numbers! Try asking some of us moms who have to deal with these horrible side effects every day if we consider it to be RARE!

Everyone should look at the other side of the fence and research this. There are thousands of girls that are coming down with strange illnesses, paralysis, gran mal seizures, etc. after receiving Gardasil.

We are now getting reports of girls as young as age 9 that are breaking out with genital warts and severe cases of cervical cancer AFTER receiving Gardasil. Some of these girls/women did not initially have any side effects from the vaccine.

There are perfectly healthy girls all of a sudden come down with all of these strange sicknesses (some that I cant even pronounce) after getting jabbed with Gardasil. All within hours/days/weeks?

Just like Merck's 'wonderful' Vioxx...what will it take? How many dead/injured before someone takes notice?


Harper: Controversal Drug Will Do Little To Reduce Cervical Cancer Rates

By Susan Brinkmann, For The Bulletin
Sunday, October 25, 2009
Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.

Dr. Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, made these remarks during an address at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2-4. Although her talk was intended to promote the vaccine, participants said they came away convinced the vaccine should not be received.



It has always been a principle of medicine that one should not vaccinate pregnant women, except in extreme cases, because the risk to the baby is just too high. Recently, we have seen two examples of violation of this policy. When the HPV vaccine Gardasil was first released the CDC and the manufacturer (Merck Pharmaceutical Company) recommended that it be given to pregnant women.

Shortly after beginning this dangerous practice it was ordered halted because a number of women were losing their babies and babies were being born with major malformations. 


 Rat Poison Chemical Found GARDASIL


by Joanne Waldron [Nov 2008]

What do rat poison and the HPV vaccine have in common? The answer is a hazardous chemical known as sodium borate. Savvy readers may wonder what a toxin that is commonly used to kill rats is doing in the ingredient list for the HPV vaccine that is currently being pushed on girls as young as nine and is even being considered for men and boys. Unfortunately, the answer isn't very comforting, especially for new U.S. residents for whom the HPV injection containing sodium borate is now mandated.

What is Sodium Borate?

Sodium borate, a boric acid salt also known as borax, has many common uses. In addition to its use as a rat poison, it is also used in laundry detergents, cosmetics, enamel glazes, flame retardants, and buffer solutions in chemistry. However, sodium borate also has antifungal properties, which means that its probable reason for being in the vaccine is to act as a preservative.

Sodium Borate Banned as Food Additive

Sodium borate is used as a food additive in some countries, but it is now outlawed in many places. For example, one Australian government recall site notes: "Product is Borax (sodium borate) which is a non permitted food additive and is harmful to health." So, if it's "harmful to health," why is it being added to the HPV vaccine?

No Longer Used in Medical Preparations

The U.S. National Library of Medicine states in an article that boric acid is "no longer commonly used in medical preparations." It's a good thing, too, considering that the U.S. National Library of Medicine also reports that this substance used to be used to disinfect and treat wounds and that individuals "who received such treatment over and over again got sick, and some died." In fact, the U.S. National Library of Medicine provides the number for Poison Control for people exposed to this chemical and notes that treatment for those exposed to it may include gastric lavage (stomach pumping), dialysis, and liquids by mouth or IV.

Sodium Borate Poisoning Symptoms Mimic Reactions to HPV Vaccine

Sadly, the information about sodium borate gets even scarier. Another government website article states that exposure to sodium borate can cause convulsions and other ill health effects. Interestingly enough, young girls who receive the HPV vaccine have reported similar symptoms to those that appear in cases of sodium borate poisoning. This particular government site provides the following warning regarding this chemical: "WARNING! HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED, INHALED OR ABSORBED THROUGH SKIN. CAUSES IRRITATION TO SKIN, EYES AND RESPIRATORY TRACT." Given this information, is sodium borate really something that should be injected into humans? This is something the reader should carefully consider, along with the previously reported information, before choosing to receive the controversial HPV vaccine.

About the author
Joanne Waldron is a computer scientist with a passion for writing and sharing health-related news and information with others. She runs the Naked Wellness: The Gentle Health Revolution forum, which is devoted to achieving radiant health, well-being, and longevity.

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