Women's Health: Ban Gardasil!

Countless lives of young women are being negatively affected by the makers of Gardasil.  The ads are all sexy and make it look like you're being a responsible woman or parent by getting vaccinated.  Wrong.  What they don't tell you is that the HPV virus is fairly common.  Like any virus there are different strains and Gardasil will not protect you from all of them, only 4 out of 30.  HPV in fact will most often times clear on its own, or with a simple probiotic like Acidophilus.  In fact, 9 out of 10 women will have a form of HPV that goes away on its own.  Gardasil will not prevent cancer.  That's the truth.  Gardasil will however, have a negative impact on most women's health, whether it be mild or serious.  It has not been shown that Gardasil will not, in fact, cause cancer.

So why are they marketing this as a wonder drug of our century?  Money of course.  They make lots and lots of money.  Pharmaceutical companies have a long history of hiding or playing down all the negative research and telling you how wonderful their product is and you need it!  Advertisements played on almost every television break tell you all you need is a wonder pill.  The fact is you don't need it.  When the risk of harm outweighs the benefits of a product you shouldn't take it.  Gardasil is such a product. 

Now, you may know someone who had the 3 injections done without any problem.  Be aware that if you just happen to be the unlucky one with a side effect, it will more than likely be life threatening or debilitating.  The ads won't tell you the failures of Gardasil, and the message boards are filled with them.  Injection site pain is your bodies warning that it's been poisoned.  Nausea, pelvic pain, sometimes endometriosis caused by Gardasil.  Ovarian cysts have been caused by Gardasil.  Heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, death.  All caused by Gardasil.  Normal, healthy young women have died in ERs from the injections and the doctors have ignored the warning signs presented by just the 1st set of injections.  Long term affects from injecting young girls may well have them infertile or they may have trouble conceiving a child down the road.  My suspicions are you'll hear about an entire generation of women who have this problem in 10 years time.  Generation-Gardasil.

Gardasil contains poison.  Cockroach poison is one of the many fine ingredients used and connected with convulsions, collapse and seizures.  Aluminum is a great metal in buildings, but in Gardasil it's extremely toxic to the human body.  Aluminum has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer's, building up in organs and the brain.  As of June 2008 there were almost 10,000 adverse reactions reported to the FDA associated with Gardasil.  Keep in mind that's only those that were reported.  The FDA links hands with Pharmaceutical companies and will explain away the more serious side effects as unrelated to the injections.  Don't you wonder just how many dollars it takes to buy this silence?  A good site for more details on the cover-up of the dangers to Gardasil is Judicial Watch

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