This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Sandra

Hi nearly seven weeks ago my daughter had her first gardasil shot,not planned but as she was in the doctors it was suggested to her and being 17 went ahead with it.
3weeks later we have her at the doc as her left leg gave way in the shower and she knocked her jaw,the following week i rush her to a&e with servre chest pains,hard to breath and spasms in her left leg only to be sent home with codine etc.the followimg day her condition worsened to touch the leg it was painful,she said she had like aheavy feeling on the left side of her face,her arm the same,her fingers pins/needles,went to see a gp who sent her in ambulance with a suspected blood clot as her leg was 3cm bigger than the other.Well it has now been 16days and 2 mri,2 xray lots of blood tests and we still dont know what has caused this.She is in rehab her leg is like ice to touch,she cant move her toes and when she stands up it goes red/puple.Her face still feels heavy her arm has improved.She says her leg feels numb she is on crutches but has managed to walk today couple of steps and give me ahug.When it first happened i felt like she had an allergic reaction to something.Has anyone else had symptons like this in nz .She also complaining of hot sweats but her temp normal.Before this she was a fit active  healthy 17yr old.