This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Joanne

Shontelle has her first Gardisal vaccine on the 2nd Dec 2008. The batch number was NJ 11440 expiry date October 2010. On the night of 4th December 2009 she had her first seizure. We did not witness this and didn't realise it had happened. She woke up with blood through her bed and a severely bitten tongue. She said to  me she must have had a nightmare. On the Monday I took her to the doctor as she had a sore throat which ended up being tonsillitis.  We showed him her tongue, and he did look at me oddly when she said she had a nightmare. As I was to find out later  injuries like that don't come from nightmares, but he took our word for it.
She had the 2nd vaccine on the 2nd February 2009. The batch number was NJ 11440 expiry date August 2010. We heard a strange noise from her room and rushed into find her having a seizure. After seeing the severely bitten tongue and blood through the bed  we new that was  had happened last time. This was the 16th February 2009. Shontelle was admitted to hospital at this time and put on epilepsy medication.
We had a very rough few months as the medication wasn't agreeing with her. Shontelle was eventually taken off the medication to see if the seizures were to continue or were a one off.
Shontelle had months of severe headaches. I repeatedly took her to the doctor, who put them down as unexplained - couldn't see what she had them. She was very sleepy all the time and couldn't concentrate.  She was also very snappy & moody.It was very hard to go to school and keep up with life in general.
In consultation with my doctor Shontelle didn't continue with the third and final Gardisal shot.
Shontelle has continued to have seizures, and is back on medication. She has been diagnosed with Epilepsy.
We have no family history of epilepsy.