This is an enquiry e-mail via from:  Rhonda Renata

Thanks for the comment Frank..Sorry about your wife. Thanks for re-enforcing the FACT that...Yes we are mums concerned for the wealfare of our children and just like we try to instil the fear in them about drugs,alcohol,smoking and the importance in using condoms.  Why should this be any different, given the FACT that the vaccine is given without any background health questions on the consent forms. The FACT that they are allowing the 16 year old girls to give consent wether the parents like it or not.  Why would they allow this Frank?  16 year olds are not adults....they may as well allow them to buy smokes and alcohol and get into nightclubs at this age!! Why make an exception in this instance.  These girls that are now suffering health defects after vaccination are very real Frank...Real to the girls themselves and real to the annoyed parents when the doctors deny any connection.   Its not an epidemic Frank, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of girls will never develop cervical cancer, EVER.  My daughter only received it because her doctor persuaded her at a routine visit.  Yes....60 woman may die every year from this Frank but how many young girls have been suffering from epilepsy,seizers,fainting,fatigue,depression and other health issues they never experienced before having the vaccine.  Over 236 reactions and more so far you know if any of them have fully recovered?   And are lucky are lucky that you still have your wife to hug , have companionship and see her walk in the door everyday and greet you. I know of 4 young girls Frank including mine ages 13, 16,16,18 who have died in thier sleep between June 2009 and December 2009 and one of the 16 yearold girls I have found out had...had the vaccine.   So Frank can you proove its not the vaccine?  There were 37 deaths within the clinical trials of this vaccine.  Car crashes?  Suicides? And other major health conditions that caused all the deaths.  FACT Syncope, which is fainting and tonic-clonic movements, which is seizers was only added to the labeling of reactions in June 2009 -How many died in car crashes and how many committed suicide-how many died of other health issues after Gardasil?  ( GOOGLE )Gardasil clinical trials by merck and click on HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION.  All the fACTS are there Frank!!  Im not againts the vaccine Frank, Im appauled at the extent the makers have order to mass vaccinate before the trials were complete. Frank your wife survived having cervical cancer but my daughter died after having the vaccine . Thanks Frank for the boost of adrenaline to continue to expose this vaccine for what it is.  NASTY !! If they want to trail it then they should be giving it to the older girls who are of high risk. But then they would see a definite link ?!!