Linda Lomberg
BSc, HDE, BHSc(CompMed), ND, AdvDipMedHerb
Linda Lomberg Health Diagnostics
Ph: 09 274 8125
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Located in the Botony area of Auckland

The following is an excert from a mother speaking highly of Linda and how she has helped her daughter:-

A Naturopath who is also a qualified Biochemist.  What a wonderful woman.   She has done a whole bundle of tests, the results of which will only come in around two weeks time, but in the meanwhile has started her on a whole bundle of specific minerals to facilitate the healing process.  She fully expects to find a heavy metal contamination in the test results, but didn't want to begin treatment for that until we have more specific details.

She has given Anna a very specific type of Vitamin B12 injection (this seemed to help a lot with energy levels and it may be that she will have to have regular injections for a while). Her explanation of how the Gardasil will destroy the myelin sheath around the nerves leading to the clumsiness and inability to concentrate etc made a lot of sense. She said that the symptom profile Anna presents with are those of a woman of middle age and she was very concerned about her.

I was so very impressed with the thoroughness of her pre-appointment questionnaire and how well she had researched details prior to the appointment.  She understands genetics so well and feels that there is very likely to be a link to genetic make-up for Anna reacting as badly as she did.  We have a genetic haemachromatosis factor in our family and therecould well be a link to that as well as some other details.  We will be seeing her again shortly, but so far she has been the most sensible and pro-active practitioner we have seen with Anna.  We have been to both the homeopath and naturopath before but with no great results.  I just honestly felt that this woman's full understanding of biochemistry and how the vaccination would have attacked the body, made her approach unique.