Thursday October 29, 2009

Gardasil Researcher Admits Vaccine May Be More Dangerous than the Disease

Less Than 10%, Maybe Even Less Than 1% of Vaccine Side Effects Reported

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

October 28, 2009 ( - A researcher with Merck Pharmaceutical who helped develop the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, has revealed that the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and may cause more illness than the disease they are intended to prevent.

Dr. Diane Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, and lead researcher in the development of the two vaccines, made these remarks during an address at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2-4.

Dr. Harper has on several occasions warned that the vaccines were being "over-marketed" and the research on their potential side effects not properly carried out.

Dr. Harper told CBS News on August 19, 2009 that "young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine" and that a girl is more likely to die from an adverse reaction to Gardasil than from cervical cancer.

report by Steven W. Mosher and Joan Robinson of the Population Research Institute (PRI), who attended Dr. Harper's presentation at the Conference on Vaccination, states that although her talk was intended to promote the vaccine, it left many of the health professionals wondering if the drug should be given at all, considering its "poor promise of efficacy as a vaccine married to a high risk of life-threatening side effects."

Gardasil, Dr. Harper explained, is promoted by Merck, the pharmaceutical manufacturer, as a "safe and effective" prevention measure against cervical cancer. The theory behind the vaccine is that, as HPV may cause cervical cancer, conferring a greater immunity of some strains of HPV might reduce the incidence of this form of cancer. In pursuit of this goal, tens of millions of American girls have been vaccinated to date.

However, "I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn't help but question why we need the vaccine at all," said Joan Robinson, Assistant Editor at the Population Research Institute.

Robinson added that she "did not wish to give the impression that Dr. Harper presented, even inadvertently, a consistently negative view of her own vaccine. She did tout certain 'real benefits,' chief among them that 'the vaccine will reduce the number of follow-up tests after abnormal PAP smears,' and thereby reduce the 'relationship tension,' 'stress and anxiety' of abnormal or false HPV positive results.

Dr. Harper Indicates Vaccine "will not lower the rate of cervical cancer in the US"

Dr. Harper also explained, however, that 70% of HPV infections resolve themselves without treatment in one year. After two years, this rate climbs to 90%. Of the remaining 10% of HPV infections, only half coincide with the development of cervical cancer.

"Indeed," Robinson continued, Dr. Harper "surprised her audience by stating that the incidence of cervical cancer in the U.S. is so low that 'if we get the vaccine and continue PAP screening, we will not lower the rate of cervical cancer in the US.'"

At this point Dr. Harper said that "with the use of Gardasil, there will be no decrease in cervical cancer until at least 70% of the population is vaccinated, and in that case, the decrease will be very minimal. The highest amount of minimal decrease will appear in 60 years."

In the US, the cervical cancer rate is 8 per 100,000 women, and is one of the most treatable forms of cancer. The current death rate from cervical cancer is between 1.6 to 3.7 deaths per 100,000 cases of the disease and is steadily declining due to traditional PAP tests and treatment.

The PRI report points out that the most recent records from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) indicate 15,037 girls have officially reported adverse side effects from Gardasil in the US, and that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledges that there have been 44 reported deaths linked to the vaccine.

Less Than 10%, Maybe Even Less Than 1% of Vaccine Side Effects Reported

Of even greater concern is the probability that numbers of deaths and adverse effects are underestimated.

Dr. Harper's comments in an ABC News report concur with the National Vaccine Information Center's claim that "though nearly 70 percent of all Gardasil reaction reports were filed by Merck, a whopping 89 percent of the reports Merck did file were so incomplete there was not enough information for health officials to do a proper follow-up and review."

The PRI report notes that "on average, less than 10 percent - perhaps even less than 1 percent - of serious vaccine adverse events are ever reported, according to the American Journal of Public Health."

PRI's Steven Mosher concluded the report on Dr. Harper's revelations by offering some thoughts on the intense promotion of Gardasil by not only the manufacturer of the vaccine, but by state and country government agencies.

"I think that they see Gardasil as what one might call a "wedge" drug. For them, the success of this public vaccination campaign has less to do with stopping cervical cancer, than it does with opening the door to other vaccination campaigns for other sexually transmitted diseases, and perhaps even including pregnancy itself.

"For if they can overcome the objections of parents and religious organizations to vaccinating pre-pubescent - and not sexually active - girls against one form of STD, then it will make it easier for them to embark on similar programs in the future.

"After all, the proponents of sexual liberation are determined not to let mere disease - or even death - stand in the way of their pleasures. They believe that there must be technological solutions to the diseases that have arisen from their relentless promotion of promiscuity. After all, the alternative is too horrible to contemplate:  They might have to learn to control their appetites. And they might have to teach abstinence."

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Updated at 10:19pm on 11 March 2010

The principal of Westland High School says its board changed its mind about allowing anti-cervical cancer immunisation to be given on school premises.

Tony Guilliland says the board doesn't want to be seen to endorse the vaccine.Westland High School

The school, which is in Hokitika, has withdrawn its permission to the West Coast District Health Board to administer the Gardasil human papillomavirus vaccine on its grounds.

The vaccination, for girls from the age of 12, is to protect against cervical cancer.

Mr Guilliland says the board believes it's up to parents to decide whether their daughters are immunised, and didn't want to influence their decisions by appearing to endorse the vaccine.

The board included differing opinions on the vaccine in a school newsletter last year.

The DHB says the board didn't consult it before reaching its decision, but says it is the board's choice.

DHB spokesperson Brian Jamieson says it is the school's right to decide whether to allow immunisations to take place on its premises.

An alternative venue has been arranged.

Mr Jamieson says parents can also take their daughters to their family doctors to be immunised.

Diane Harper’s Latest Interview

This article was written by Marcia G. Yerman, published on December 23, 2009. Throughout my examination of the Gardasil vaccine, there has been a steady flow of information, disinformation, and new developments. In my opening article, I wrote about the mandatory ruling in July of 2008 by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that would require all female green card applicants and immigrants between the ages of 11 – 26 to receive the Gardasil vaccine. As of December 14, 2009, that ruling was reversed.

In the larger conversation, perhaps no one professional has been quoted, and misquoted, more frequently than Dr. Diane Harper. The recipient of a Masters Degree in Public Health, Harper is a Professor and Vice-Chair of Research at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, specializing in Community and Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Bioinformatics and Personalized Medicine.

I first contacted Harper in September 2009 to get a primer on the Gardasil vaccine, and to gain insight into the issues that were being raised about the marketing and the safety of the vaccine. In addition to the questions that I raised this month with Dr. Harper, I asked her to contribute a statement that would clearly elucidate her point of view in her own words. She sent me what follows via e-mail.


Diane Harper M.D., M.P.H. with patient“The most important point that I have always said from day one, is that the use of this vaccine must be done with informed consent and complete disclosure of the benefits and harms of Pap screening and HPV vaccines. The decision to be vaccinated must be the woman’s (or parent’s if it is for a young child), and not the physician’s or any board of health, as the vaccination contains personal risk that only the person can value.

As all of the information in the United States concerned Gardasil, since that was the only vaccine approved in the U.S. from June 2006 until this past October 2009, my comments have been focused on Gardasil.

My points are as follows:

The Benefits of Pap Screening:

• Individual benefit to detect early precancers.

• Public health benefit: Only when 70% of the population has been screened will the population incidence of cervical cancer drop.

• Pap tests do not kill or handicap.

The Harms of Pap Screening:

• Screening must be repeated throughout a woman’s life. One screen is not sufficient to protect her from cervical cancer.

• False negative rate of cytology screening: Among the women who develop cervical cancer in the U.S., 30% are women who have been routinely screened, and all their Paps have been normal.

• False positive rate of cytology screening: Women who screen abnormal are psychologically upset, anxious and left doubting the medical process (i.e. Her Pap was abnormal, but her colposcopy and biopsy were normal, with no explanation why her Pap was abnormal).

• Quality of life harms: Women with abnormal Paps have anxiety as high as women diagnosed with cervical cancer undergoing their surgical treatment. The stress of going to colposcopy and biopsy can be high for many women. The contemplation of a cervical biopsy and a scraping of the endocervical canal can lead to fear of pain.

• Relationship harms: Once women are told they have an abnormal Pap and that the Pap is abnormal because of a STD called HPV, most relationships are stressed as the partners attempt to understand who brought the infection to the relationship.

• Excisional treatments for detected precancerous lesions cause preterm deliveries in subsequent pregnancies, with concomitant low birth weight infants (which puts the infant at risk for life). In addition, scarring from the treatments lead to an increased cesarean section delivery method (as the cervix does not dilate normally due to scarring from prior excisions). These reproductive morbidities occur between 70%-300% more often in women with excisions.

• Recurrence of HPV associated cervical/vaginal/anal cancers at a rate of 3-12 times higher than those women who never had a cervical cancer precursor or cancer. These recurrences happen around ten years after treatment with peak recurrences between ten and twenty years from the initial treatment.

• Cervarix protects against five cancer-causing types of HPV, which lead to CIN 2+ (precancers and cancers).

• Gardasil protects against three cancer-causing types of HPV, which lead to CIN 2+ (precancers and cancers).

• Cervarix induces antibody titers for HPV 16 and 18 that are at least ten fold higher than natural infection titers; the antibody titers for the other three cancer causing types (HPV 31, 45, 33) are also significantly higher than natural infection titers, and the titers stay high for at least 7.4 years – lasting the longer of either vaccines.

• Gardasil only maintains antibody titers for HPV 16 (not 18, not 11, not 6) at five years, making the true long lasting (five years) coverage of Gardasil only for one type of cancer causing HPV.

• If vaccination occurs within one year of the onset of sexual activity, there will be 57/1000 cases of all CIN 2+ types and persistent HPV 16/18 infections prevented, as compared to only 17/1000 cases prevented if virgins are vaccinated.

The Harms of HPV Vaccination:

• Duration of efficacy is key to the entire question. If duration is at least fifteen years, then vaccinating 11- year-old girls will protect them until they are 26 and will prevent some precancers, but postpone most cancers. If duration of efficacy is less than fifteen years, then no cancers are prevented, only postponed.

• Safety: There is at least one verified case of auto- immune initiated motor neuron disease declared triggered by Gardasil [presented by neurologists at the 2009 American Neurological Association meeting in Baltimore, Maryland). There are serious adverse events, including death, associated with Gardasil use.

• No population benefit in reduction of cervical cancer incidence in the United States with HPV vaccination as long as screening continues.

• Incidence rate of cervical cancer in the United States based on screening is 7/100,000 women per year.

• Incidence rate of cervical cancer if women are only vaccinated with Gardasil is 14/100,000 per year (twice the rate of cervical cancer if young women vaccinated with Gardasil do not seek Pap testing at 21 years and the rest of their life).

• Incidence rate of cervical cancer with Cervarix vaccination is 9/100,000 per year– better than with Gardasil, but still more than with screening alone.

• Incidence of cervical cancer without screening and without vaccination is nearly 90/100,000 per year. The combination of HPV vaccine and screening in the U.S. will not decrease the incidence of cervical cancer to any measurable degree at the population level. Those women who do not participate in Pap screening, and who are vaccinated, will have some personal benefit for five years for Gardasil and 7.4 years for Cervarix (maybe longer), but they will not affect the population rates.

Boosters for Gardasil after antibodies wane makes the cost of vaccination escalate significantly, and cause implementation challenges to reach those women who might want to be revaccinated.”


Can you explain what your role as a “principal investigator (PI) for clinical vaccine trials” for Merck (Gardasil) and GlaxoSmithKline (Cervarix) entailed?

“Principal investigator means that I was responsible for assembling a research team to recruit participants, deliver the health care during the study, collect biological specimens at the correct time, and retain subjects over the entire time frame of the study. After the data collection is complete, I have a professional/medical/clinical obligation to review the data for interpretation, comment and publication. There are instances when industry will exclude a PI from participating in the data publication process. In total, for Merck and GSK, our team enrolled and followed nearly 3000 women in these studies. We have been participating in these trials as early as1997 when the first protocols were written.”

Some reports state that you received no compensation; others qualify you as a “paid consultant.” What was your relationship with these companies?

“The institutions at which I conducted the clinical trials were reimbursed for the costs of conducting the trials. I received no direct money for conducting the trials. I was a consultant for both GSK and MERCK, for which I was paid.”

The public has identified you as a doctor knowledgeable about HPV and the vaccines, potentially without an agenda. Can you explain what you support about the Gardasil vaccine and what you see as its faults?

“I am an international expert in HPV science, its vaccines, its clinical disease and treatment. I have personally seen tens of thousands of women with abnormal Pap smears and have a referral clinic/office that includes women coming from all continents of the world to consult for my opinion on their personal care.

Gardasil offers sexually active women, who do not currently have HPV 6, 11, 16, or 18 infections, protection from genital warts and CIN 2+ disease for five years. If the vaccinated person is not sexually active during the five years of its efficacy, then the vaccine has not protected her from disease (as we do not have evidence that Gardasil offers efficacy any longer than five years). Its faults include tiny antibody titers for all HPV types other than HPV 16; limited protection; limited duration of efficacy; and safety concerns (as outlined in my opening statement).”

Can you comment on the disconnect between the fact that efficacy was proven only in the 16-26 year old demographic, yet Gardasil is being approved for those in the 9-26 year old demographic.

“Immunologically, the disconnect is explained by two studies. One study in the 16-26 year old women showed both antibody titers and efficacy. The second study in 9-15 year olds showed similar antibody titers to those induced in 16-26 year olds where efficacy was seen. Hence, the inference is that efficacy must exist in 9-15 year olds. The fault in this logic is that 9-15 year olds may not be exposed to the virus until after the vaccine has waned.”

Do you believe that the Gardasil vaccine, as it currently stands, could present more risks to a young girl or woman than the possibility of cervical cancer?

“Pap smears have never killed anyone.Pap smears are an effective screening tool to prevent cervical cancer. Pap smears alone prevent more cervical cancers than can the vaccines alone.

Gardasil is associated with serious adverse events, including death. If Gardasil is given to 11 year olds, and the vaccine does not last at least fifteen years, then there is no benefit – and only risk – for the young girl. Vaccinating will not reduce the population incidence of cervical cancer if the woman continues to get Pap screening throughout her life.

If a woman is never going to get Pap screening, then a HPV vaccine could offer her a better chance of not developing cervical cancer, and this protection may be valued by the woman as worth the small but real risks of serious adverse events. On the other hand, the woman may not value the protection from Gardasil as being worth the risk knowing that 1) she is at low risk for a persistent HPV infection and 2) most precancers can be detected and treated successfully. It is entirely a personal value judgment.”

Has the original Gardasil marketing campaign of “one less” muddied the waters and misinformed the public, who heretofore believed that a Pap smear was sufficient to protect them from cervical cancer?

“If women were participating in Pap screening, or if as a parent you educated your daughter to seek Pap screening at the appropriate age (21 years) for her entire life, then she would have been very unlikely to be at risk for being “one” and would not be “one less”. She would not have been “one” to begin with!

Yes, the marketing campaign was designed to incite the greatest fear possible in parents, so that there would be uptake of the vaccine. If parents and girls were told the benefits and harms of Pap screening and HPV vaccines as described above, an informed and valued decision would have been able to be made. Many may have chosen to continue with a lifetime of Pap screening and forgo the vaccines, with the unknowns of duration of efficacy and safety unable to be answered for many more years.”

Are the protocols of the CDC and VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) properly processing reports of adverse reactions and deaths due to the vaccine? What do you see as the weak link in the VAERS system of collecting data?

“VAERS is biased in both directions, not allowing any veritable conclusions to be drawn about vaccine safety. If an association with an adverse event is detected statistically, there is not enough information collected in VAERS to determine causation, which is a multi-step process. Likewise, if no association with an adverse event is detected statistically, there is not enough information to reassure the public that no serious adverse events occur. With our new health care reform, we need to budget money to collect true registries of vaccinated individuals and what happens to them after vaccination so that appropriate conclusions can be drawn.”

Could you clarify the content and context of the statements that you made at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination in October 2009, which have been so widely read and misquoted? Specifically the reported quote, “The rate of serious adverse effects is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer.”

“The rate of serious adverse events reported is 3.4/100,000 doses distributed. The current incidence rate of cervical cancer in the United States is 7/100,000 women. This is what I said.”

Should there be an informed consent/full disclosure statement that doctors are compelled to deliver to parents before advising them about giving the injection to their daughters, stating that there are small but real risks of death surrounding the administration of Gardasil?

“The informed consent/full disclosure as I described initially must be disclosed to parents and young women. The questions should be raised, ‘How do you want to prevent cervical cancer? Pap screening? Vaccination? Both?”

Do you think that those who have received the HPV vaccine will become lax with getting their Pap smears, ultimately leading to a greater rate of cervical cancer within the United States population?

“No one wants the incidence of cervical cancer to increase. But, there is a problem with women’s’ understanding of what Gardasil offered them. Many vaccinated women have returned to me in clinic with more abnormal Pap tests and more HPV disease. They are tremendously disappointed when told that Gardasil does not protect against all types of HPV, and that they are still at risk for cervical cancer.

In answer to your question, Yes. Finland has shown us that even a lack of screening for five years, resulting in less than 70% of the population being screened, is enough to increase the population incidence rate of cervical cancer. Yes, there is a real risk that cervical cancer will increase in the U.S. if those women getting Gardasil do not realize that:

• Gardasil will not protect them for life

• They can get other HPV infections that lead to cancer that are not covered by Gardasil

• They need to continue to have Pap tests throughout their lifetime”

Recent reports state that Gardasil may have triggered MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in some girls receiving the vaccine. What are your thoughts on this?

“Neurologists at the American Neurological Association have indeed concluded that Gardasil is temporally associated with autoimmune attacks on the neurologic system. The range of neurologic disorders is unknown.”

Can you point out specific “misstatements” that Merck has promulgated about the Gardasil vaccine?

“Less misstatements, than incomplete statements. For instance, the cumulative incidence of HPV infections for women in the U.S. through the age of 50 years old is 80%. That statement is true. That statement infers that nearly every one is infected with HPV at least one point in their life.

What is left out is that 95% of all HPV infections are cleared spontaneously by the body’s immune system. The remaining 5% progress to cancer precursors.

Cancer precursors, specifically CIN 3, progresses to invasive cancer in the following proportions: 20% of women with CIN 3 progress to invasive cervical cancer in five years; 40% progress to cervical cancer in thirty years. There is ample time to detect and treat the early precancers and early stage cancers for 100% cure.

Other examples include inferences that Gardasil will last a lifetime, with no mention of boosters or limited protection possible. Regarding wart protection promotion, there is no mention that the data showed protection against genital warts in men for only a 2.4- year period of time.

Gardasil is not really a cervical cancer vaccine. The vaccine prevents HPV infection. not the development of cervical cancer.”

Are there any final comments that you would like to make about the Gardasil vaccine?

“Until Merck funds a multi-ethnic efficacy study lasting at least fifteen years, the vaccine should be used primarily by women within the first six years of their onset of sexual activity, to gain the most protection possible…if they choose to be vaccinated. The women can also choose to continue Pap screening for their lifetime.

Within the “first six years” comes from the National Cancer Institute data compiled from the Guanacaste study (Rodriguez – first author) that shows that the prevention rate is 32/1000 women, still much higher than the 17/1000 rate when vaccinating virgins who go on to become sexually active, but less than the 57/1000 women if vaccinated within the first year of sexual activity.

Cervarix is the superior cervical cancer vaccine, in that it prevents five types of cancer causing HPV infections. Gardasil is the superior vaccine in preventing HPV types causing genital warts.”

In the next installment, a mother speaks out.

Cash lure seen as way to raise immunisation

By Adam Bennett

4:00 AM Monday Mar 15, 2010

Parliament's health committee is considering whether parents should be offered cash incentives to have their children immunised, or even have benefits withheld if they don't without good reason.

Committee members were in Canberra last week looking at several issues including how Australia had dramatically improved its childhood immunisation rates and will report to Parliament on its trip.

Chairman and National MP Paul Hutchison said 91 per cent of Australian 2-year-olds were now fully immunised against little more than 50 per cent 10 years ago. In New Zealand the rate is about 75 to 80 per cent.

Australia's success had been been achieved with a seven point plan, including some measures such as a childhood immunisation register which is already in place here.

However, Dr Hutchison said he was particularly impressed with the effectiveness of cash incentives for families and health professionals in increasing immunisation rates.

Parents of 18-month-olds who had received all required shots received a A$125 ($163) cash payment. Another payment was made to parents of fully immunised 4-year-olds.

Other measures included requirements at some schools and pre-schools for children to be fully immunised before they could be enrolled.

But parents who didn't get their children immunised and couldn't satisfy medical authorities they had legitimate objections could have some childcare benefit payments withheld.

Australia also has cash incentives for health providers such as GPs both for achieving high rates of immunisation amongst their patients and for providing data to the immunisation register.

"I can't pre-empt the committee report's recommendations but I personally think that they've got some very good ideas and the incentives are quite innovative and they say have worked very well," Dr Hutchison said.

"There is no doubt in my mind that we should do a similar sort of thing using instruments that are appropriate to New Zealand. This is one of the most clear-cut effective evidence base ways to help children and in fact help the whole population."

Immunisation Advisory Centre research director Helen Petousis-Harris saw some value in cash incentives for parents but believed "but being very careful that its about making a decision, not about forcing people to do something they're not happy about".

Last year's UNICEF State of the World's Children report rated New Zealand 33rd out of 35 developed countries for rates of childhood immunisation.

By Adam Bennett | Email Adam

Hilary Butler,

25 Harrisville Road,

Tuakau 2121

 Dear Sir,

 Regarding your article “cash lure to be vaccinated”.

 Either Paul Hutchison has been misinformed, or has misinformed you. 

 The payment Australian parents receive isn’t a “cash lure”.  The key words are “without good reason”. 

 Any Australian parent who makes an active choice NOT to vaccinate and has a filed objection, receives any of the “incentives” or “payments” related to immunization, that those who chose to vaccinate also receive.  To suggest that if you don’t vaccinate, you don’t get the incentives, totally undermines the concept of a right to chose, and democratic right to say no without punitive measures taken against you.  Australia has recognized this, but the question is, would Paul Hutchison?




Hilary Butler.


Dear Hilary


The Herald article was written by Adam Bennett.   Mr Bennett has made it clear that those with a documented 'conscientious objection' would not be penalised.   I absolutely agree with this.   (As I am sure you are aware there can be rare but real side effects from immunisation).   What is without doubt, is that the benefits of achieving herd immunisation far outweigh the disadvantages.   (The World literature is clear)   Few people would wish the re-emergence of polio, tuburculosis, rubella etc. for our children.   The matters outlined in the article are being considered by the Health Select Committee of which I am Chairman.


Yours sincerely


Dr Paul Hutchison



 Reply from Hilary Butler

 I’m presuming that you do know that New Zealand has not used the Tuberculosis vaccine on a population basis for many years now, since many studies have showed that it’s far more likely to prevent Leprosy than TB?  You have seen the TB deaths graph for New Zealand haven’t you?  If not, I’ve attached if for you. You do know that the BCG was only introduced for nurses in 1951, then for teenagers, and was stopped in the late 80’s?  And it beats me why the Health Department still rolls it out for the supposedly “at risk” people who are the very people in whom the trials have all showed that the vaccine doesn’t work?  You do know that the USA has never used the BCG because their trials return negative protection results, and they found that it’s use prevented them being able to effectively detect Tuberculosis in people with infection?

I’m surprised at the ‘substance’ of your comments.

Implied in your statement on the Government website, in the newspaper and your response to me, is that the rates of vaccination in New Zealand are appalling and need to be improved.  Define “appalling”.  In what way do the current rates disadvantage New Zealand children? 

You say that “few people would wish the re-emergence of…. for our children.” 

Tell me.  Where is the re-emergences of nationwide TB in New Zealand, without the universal use of BCG?  You do know that there are many studies showing that very high rates of vitamin D deficiency is widespread in New Zealand?  You do know that Vitamin D has been found to be effective in the treatment of TB?  This is all in recent medical literature.  Would you like me to send it to you?  You do know, that Dr Robert Scragg, a New Zealander, has written about the fact that influenza is primarily prominent amongst people with vitamin D deficiency?  You have heard that a recently published study, detailing the first ever blinded RCT trial of vitamin D vs influenza, was highly effective in preventing influenza, and much more so than the vaccine? 

Have you read the medical literature, which shows that effective levels of vitamin D, would result in reductions in all viral, bacterial diseases, cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and a whole raft of other both acute and chronic conditions?  A New Zealand national wide vitamin D testing programme, and twelve tablets per annum to be taken once a month, at a cost of $3.30 to the person, would cut far more off the total health expenditure in this country than any other single act you could do?

In fact, doing away with the flu vaccine, would probably fund national vitamin D testing.  But eliminating a useless flu vaccine programme would never happen would it Paul?  How is it that, as the head of the Cochrane Collaboration said, that Flu vaccine continues to be used as a political decision, while ignoring the science?

The medical profession will never admit that the data on flu vaccines shows they don’t work, because to do so would be to admit that for 30 years, they’ve knowingly told New Zealanders porkies.  And I know that, because I have enough studies of “useless” flu vaccines to sink a ship.  But I’ll just attach one for you here, Paul.  Simonsen 09.

Where is the wholesale emergence of the diseases you mentioned, in this country, with the current vaccination rates, or even the lower vaccination rates of 15 years ago? 

Let’s leave out the whooping cough vaccine, which even the New Zealand medical literature (which I have neatly filed in date order) admits that the vaccine has done nothing to reduce either cases, or deaths.  (Deaths wasn’t a hard one, since whooping cough deaths had reached bedrock before the vaccine was introduced, as did a lot of the other diseases, like diphtheria).  The majority of children who get whooping cough now, are appropriately vaccinated, and the majority of babies who get it suffer primarily because their mothers were vaccinated, and the transplacental and breastmilk immunity immunisation transfers is now negligible.  The numbers getting whooping cough in each epidemic cycle, hasn’t reduced since before the vaccine was introduced as a triple in 1961, and given that the single whooping cough vaccine had negligible use before that, (I have the data…) and was suspended for a few years from 1955 – 1961, that is irrelevant.  Unfortunately for anyone who is vaccinated their immunity is faulty and the concept of “original sin” applies, something which I’m sure you know about.  If you don’t, the attached article Cherry 2004 (one of many on this topic) will explain what I mean. This means that the key primary step of immunity to develop mucosal immunity to adenylate cyclase toxin (ACT), which was ignored because it can’t be incorporated in the whooping cough vaccine, is also ignored on the vaccinated person’s re-exposure.  Vaccinated people re-exposed to whooping cough, respond to it, in the way in which their immune system is pre-programmed, result in those people not clearing the pertussis bacteria fast (as happens after natural immunity), and they become ready carriers and spreaders of whooping cough.

Cherry’s article is only one of the early articles in medical data bases, on this topic.  It’s clear that the inability to put ACT into the vaccine is a fundamental flaw in terms of the pertussis vaccine, (since the “manufacture” and excretion of ACT from the bacteria is a process of disease, only started once the bacteria adheres to the base of the cilia on the bronchial wall).  The aberrant immunity created by the vaccine, creates a situation whereby the vaccinated are now the most effective spreaders of the disease.  The ones whose first attack was natural, are not likely to spread the disease, since their bronchials clear any reinfection bacteria very quickly.  Again, this is all in the medical literature.

Not that the vaccine manufacturers can do anything about it, since just using parts of bacteria and toxins as your antigens, absolutely precludes immunity to ACT.  However, they recognize the flaw, hence new research and studies on pertussis vaccines are looking at making one which is inhaled and has to initiate a mild infection, in order to achieve longer lasting immunity, quick bacterial clearance and a less aberrant immune response.  But that will be decades away, if it even comes to fruition, since New Zealand has followed the mindless advice  of CDC, to simply revaccinate every possible moving target within range of any child.


We are perhaps fortunate in this country, that records on hospital admissions for pertussis were never stopped after the vaccine was introduced, as was done elsewhere in the world.  Had we been so “stupid” as to do what all other countries did, and stop all pertussis notification, period… we might not be in the position today where the data from the Health Department (and the ESR for that matter), conclusively proves that the pertussis vaccine in this country has done nothing.

Yet if you talk to Dr Cameron Grant ( as per Sommerville 2007 attached) , Nikki Turner, or Diana Lennon, they will admit to the data I’ve long since published but dismiss the data telling you that the problem is that we need “timely” vaccination, and “more” vaccination as per the CDC, which is scientifically inexcusable.  Across the ditch in Australia, where they have blindly blamed the unvaccinated for all the vaccinated getting whooping cough, they’ve only just gulped and said “oops”, because they realized that just as in every other country in the world, there are now strains of pertussis which have developed precisely because of the vaccine, not for lack of a vaccine. But instead of taking it on the chin, they then turned round and said that if the non-vaccinators had vaccinated, that would never have happened.  That is utter rubbish Paul.  You are very much invested in developing good science curriculum are you not?  Then make sure you get de Bono into the act, as well as some other critical thinkers involved, because right now, much of the New Zealand vaccination propaganda simply contains weasel-speak and zero-think.

I realise some of this information might come as a surprise to you. 

However, I’m quite happy to photocopy (or loan you) Tuberculosis and pertussis information from the New Zealand medical literature and show it to you. and even Polio if you wish. 

Your statements about whooping cough in the paper on the Parliament website are perhaps excusable, since many doctors have only seen the published articles which told a load of bollocks, but were put in medical journals none the less.

So, pertussis aside, if we don’t see other epidemics right now, exactly what is the ‘gain’ to New Zealand from coercively pushing every child in this country into a “done it, whether you need it or not” hole? Do you think it right that parents should pay to have a choice they have made, “approved” by the very people who want to stick the needles in?

What “gains” has Australia made which they didn’t have before, through having a 95% whooping cough vaccination rate, when they had an 80% vaccination rate? Their whooping cough vaccination rates have increased 20% in 9 years; their number of vaccines has radically increased, yet their whooping cough rates have increase 1200% in that time. 

Conversely the more you back parents like us into a corner, Paul, the more there is to lose, which I have no doubt, you will experience over the next few years, should your personal plans be implemented. There are many many parents in this country, who consider that democratic right of choice doesn’t involve paying a fee to gain a medical doctor’s permission for that choice. 

We know what happens in Australia.  Australians who can’t find a doctor who understands democracy, and is prepared to sign the form without an inquisition, and without charging a disapproval fee, are certainly spreading the message.  Furthermore, doctors who then throw patients out of their practice for refusing to vaccinate their children, are further inflaming the situation, and if reaction from USA, and now Australia is anything to go by, such policies will “meet their Waterloo” at some point in time.

I note that the Secretary of the HHS in USA, Katherine Sebelius has attempted to suspect the American constitution by informing all media that they should not to report any vaccine concerns relating to autism, in any form, from any parents, scientists or doctors in the future.  Such is the land of the free.

My inbox has been full today, of people who are disgusted at any suggestions of cash lures and signed inquisitions.  We know the inquisitions which happen even without such means.  And I know you know this was also mooted in a more radical form before, when Commander Jenny Shipley attempted to tell the nation that disgusting parents who don’t immunize should be penalized by losing any benefit.  Just beware, Paul.  You’re dipping your toes into an issue here, which will be met head on. 

People throughout New Zealand, care a lot more about their bodies (unfortunately), and will defend their democratic right of “choice without coercion, pressure or unwarranted discrimination”,  far more ferociously than they will the super city.  A person’s health and home are sacrosanct Paul.  And yet the issues of the super city and the right to refuse any medical intervention, are similar.  Democratic right of choice, but even more so with health, since the Health and Disability Act enshrines a lot of provisions which are blatantly broken every day by zealous nurses from the “vaccine outreach” clinics around the country.

I know.  We hear about it regularly!



March 12th 2010 saw six very special women from around the world, present documents and research about the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix to the FDA by request. Never before have the FDA turned to members of the public regarding vaccine safety but in an extraordinary move this is exactly what happened. Dubbed the 'Little Women' by the FDA the group presented evidence that will shock the world and could have the FDA eating their words.

The six women who had become increasingly concerned about the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix presented a power point presentation accompanied with documents showing the dangers of the HPV vaccines to the FDA. Their hope was to prove to the FDA that these two vaccines are so dangerous that they should be removed from the vaccine schedule as soon as possible.

The women who were involved in this unusual move are Karen Maynor; mother of the late Megan Hild, New Mexico; Rosemary Mathis: mother of Lauren, adversely injured; co-founder of WWW.TRUTHABOUTGARDASIL.ORG North Carolina; Freda Birrell; political activist, Scotland/UK; Leslie Carol Botha; women´s health educator and broadcast journalist, and founder of Holy Hormones Honey , Colorado; Cynthia Janak: research analyst, journalist writing for Renew America and founder of Only the Truth Illinois; and Janny Stokvis: research analyst, Netherlands.

The reports that were presented, detailed worldwide data, proving that women and young girls have suffered severe adverse reactions, including death, after being vaccinated with the HPV vaccines.

Detailed charts were shown to the FDA clearly outlining evidence of girls from around the world showing very similar adverse reactions after having these vaccines. Only a few of these adverse reactions have ever been listed by either manufacturer on their leaflets. It is my belief that Merck and Glaxo Smith Kline should to study the findings very carefully indeed.

USA – Reports show girls have suffered from

Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Problems
Dizziness and Nausea
Facial Paralysis
Hair Loss
Joint and Muscle Pain
Loss of vision
Menstrual Problems
Respiratory and Heart Problems

Spain - Reports show girls have suffered from

Chronic Fatigue
Facial Paralysis
Hair Loss
Joint/Muscle Pains
Loss of Vision
Menstrual Changes
Respiratory Heart

Australia - Reports show girls have suffered from

Chronic Fatigue
Hair Loss
Joint/Muscle Pains
Loss of Vision
Menstrual Changes
Respiratory Heart

United Kingdom - Reports show girls have suffered from

Chronic Fatigue
Dizziness and Nausea
Joint and Muscle Pain
Respiratory and Heart Problems

New Zealand - Reports show that girls have suffered from

Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Problems
Facial Paralysis
Joint and Muscle Pain
Respiratory and Heart Problems

There is a clear pattern from many countries, of girls suffering from the same side effects and yet up to now this fact has not been picked up, by either the committees who regulate our vaccines, or the Governments who sanction them. More worryingly the six women found that there were a huge number of deaths recorded on VAERS after HPV vaccines.

VAERS is the reporting system used in the USA for adverse events that happen after vaccination.

Strangely however, the system does not appear to be examined in great detail by the either Big Pharma or the Government and many adverse events are not even recorded at all, as it has now been discovered that some doctors are completely unaware of it's existence.

The six women involved in the presentation to the FDA have been able to show research papers from top scientists and researchers showing that blindness can occur after the HPV vaccine,. Papers on Menstrual evaluation were also seen for the first time as were papers on Vaccine and Autoimmune problems.

Janny Stokvis one of the women who researched the side effects of these vaccines after watching a YouTube clip said that she was horrified that so little has been done to protect women. She said she became involved completely by chance.

"In September 2008 I was looking for music on Youtube and I ended up watching a video the
father of Brooke Petkevicius made. Brooke died 14 days after her first dose of Gardasil from a pulmonary embolism or blood clot on March 26th, 2007. I was shocked by her story. In our family we have a rare blood clotting disease. I have had a pulmonary embolism twice myself. Few weeks later I saw a Dutch documentary about the marketing tactics of Merck. that alarmed me even more. My daughter was in the age group to get the HPV vaccine so I started to do my own research."

She has since studied the VAERS reporting system and now firmly believes that the reporting system is only the tip of the iceberg because it only has a small number of the actual side effects from these vaccines on. She was shocked to learn that many of the doctors she spoke to had not heard of the reporting system and said:

"Adverse reactions do not always start within a minute after inoculation like some people think. A lot of physicians have never heard of VAERS or know how to file a report. I was surprised when I heard this the first time. Physicians do not agree with parents when they tell that they think theirs daughter got sick because of the HPV vaccine and do not want to file a report.Mothers who find their way to the Gardasil groups did not always succeed in getting a report filed at VAERS.

HPV-vaccine victims can be very ill, but tests can show-up to be normal. Girls who have seizures several times a day or who are paralysed get diagnosed as "Psychogenic". Parents are often told the illness of their daughter is not vaccine related.

This has to change, because too many girls are not getting the proper treatment yet."

She said up until she looked into the HPV vaccines she had always believed in the Governments vaccine programmes but her confidence has now been badly shaken.

Rosemary Mathis whose daughter was changed after she had Gardasil vaccine and one of the six women told me she became involved with the group because she wanted answers. She says:-

"My 12 year old daughter was disabled by Gardasil. Her life as she knew it completely changed after her third vaccination. She could no longer attend school, go to church, or live a normal life. She was always in pain and we spent thousands of dollars and many hours going to doctors who could not help her. I spent countless hours on the internet researching how to treat my daughter. I quickly learned that I was not alone and many other parents were doing the same thing. Every night was spent researching trying to figure out what do to not only help my daughter, but many others. This led me to Gardasil Mom groups on Yahoo Groups, Twitter, and Facebook. That is where I met Marian Greene, another mother whose girl was affected that lives about 30 minutes from me. Her daughter was disabled also. Both our daughters were disabled by the exact same lot # 0067X.Night after night, we were trying to help the mothers figure out what to do and trying to comment on stories on the internet to warn others. We quickly learned that many of the girls stories are not recorded in VAERS. Either the parents do not know about VAERS and haven´t reported them or the doctors do not. I filed my daughter´s report in VAERS and then asked my doctor to after continuously expressing that the vaccine is what made her sick. The parents were struggling to find a way to express their stories and to find data. Each night, new victims were appearing on the boards with no idea of what to do. The board represents the TRUTH as we the parents of the victims of Gardasil see it. It is a central repository used to house the girls stories for view by others, has the latest news, and has a Guardian Angel page by location to give the parents contacts in their area who may be able to help them. It has videos, other site links, a forum so you can talk to other parents/victims, etc. It has made it easier for parents to quickly identify side effects, treatments that may have helped victims, etc. It takes about one year worth of research off the parents and allows them to quickly identify what occurred and what can be done to help the victims."

Since her research began Rosemary says she has met thousands of girls who have been adversely affected by the Gardasil and the Cervarix vaccines.

I asked Leslie Botha how the FDA had become aware of the six women and had asked the group to do the presentation.

Leslie said that originally Karen Maynor had contacted the FDA after her daughter had died after she had the Gardasil vaccine. Her letter to Dr Margaret Hamberg MD contained many reports and details of young girls who have either died like her daughter Megan, or had become seriously ill.

The reports contained in her letter do not make comfortable reading. She wrote how one child 'Samantha Hendrix' who had once been described as a 'walking encyclopaedia' has been left with no concentration and failing her exams.

"Also In the case of young Samantha, she had a serious history of illnesses prior to vaccination, have you ever discovered if Merck carried out research on impaired immune responsiveness to establish if young girls with a medical history would be well enough to have this vaccine? In the case of Cervarix, GlaxoSmithKline did not carry out this research prior to the commencement of the vaccination programme in the United Kingdom. This young girl had many health problems before being vaccinated but now she is far worse off and what the future holds for her we just do not know. Perhaps, if more care and attention had been given by the pharmaceutical company in all of this, if they had taken more time to carry out the research into all aspects of safety and just had given it a few more years, exactly the same advice that Dr Harper gave to the UK regarding Cervarix, then perhaps these young ladies would not be so ill and I would not be writing to you today to ask for your help. With respect to Cervarix, many of the same "Gardasil" illnesses are occurring in the United Kingdom also so there appears to be a common thread that exists between these two HPV vaccines."

She wrote.

She has a point, as on the Glaxo Smith Kline original GP advert it does state that 'there are no data in the use of Cervarix in subjects with impaired immune responsiveness'.

Leslie said that the FDA do not just contact people but that they respond to letters. They contacted Karen and Karen knowing that she could not do what the FDA wanted alone asked the other women if they were prepared to help her.

Leslie says:-

"The first meeting conference call was in September/October with Cynthia, Freda, Rosemary and myself - where we expressed our concerns.

There was a second Webinar in November that the FDA presented for us on how their organization operates

It was at this meeting that a third meeting was initiated - to be held at first before the holidays so that we could present research and data that backed up our concerns.

It was at this point that we asked Janny to join us since she spent so much time going through the VAERS reports.

By agreement, the meeting was pushed back until after the holidays - until the presentation.

We were in discussion many times about how to proceed - and found the people in the Patient Representative Program Office of Special Health Issues - to be open, and supportive as they shared the guidelines for the presentation.

The FDA has just initiated "listening sessions" and our group was one of the first to participate in them.

It has been an honor and a very positive experience from beginning to end.

We started out by gathering data, Rosemary, Freda and Janny did a fabulous job of creating and presenting graphs, and outlines of VAERs deaths.Freda was in contact with women in Spain, New Zealand and Australia as she gathered reports of adverse injuries from the girls in these countries.

Cynthia and I kept coming from different angles on what was causing the problem with this vaccine - mine was on menstrual cycle influence and she was focused on histamine and IgE. We spent hours on the phone searching for studies.We would then do searches on histamine and IgE and the menstrual cycle and that is when we realized that our differing angles were beginning to blend into one perfect storm. It was the peer reviewed study that came out on the blind girl and HPV that nailed this for us - and we realized that we had discovered the REAL DANGERS with this vaccine.

We were shocked and awed that we had come across something no on had ever considered that founded both of our concerns."

The conclusion slide 52 in the powerpoint shows exactly what was discovered and one has to agree the implications this has on many girls is quite shocking.

"During the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, the production of estrogen releases histamine. During the luteal phase the protective effects of estradiol sharply decline, the production of progesterone increases and the immune system becomes more easily compromised; succumbing to the overdose of histamine from three sources: L-Histidine in the vaccine, increased amounts of estradiol in the body from natural production plus environmental toxins (estrogen mimickers) and the body´s own natural production of histamine. The rise and decline in hormones; the rise and decline in immunity and the overproduction of histamine – may be a factor as to why the health of the girls adversely affected by the HPV vaccines is not improving.

Both HPV vaccines are VLP´s (virus like particles). This can be termed ´molecular mimicry´and when an antigen in a vaccine is structurally similar to an antigen in the host antibodies are produced that react with the host´s normal tissue.

Allergy sufferers with moderate to severe asthma have IgE levels greater than 1,000 U/ml. Normal serum IgE levels in individuals without allergies is less than 70 U/ml. An increase in IgE means more free IgE is available for binding to the activated mast cells. More mast cell activation and degranulation may lead to an increased release of inflammatory histamine.This reaction also leads to TH2 cytokine and leukotriene secretion, resulting in systemic anaphylaxis in the form of allergy.

This proves an increased risk of injury due to an overload of histamine being released from the mast cells causing a more severe inflammatory response throughout the body. Tissue damage due to this process can cause hypertrophy of smooth muscles. Smooth muscles
are evident in the heart. With the rechallenge to an already active immune response we could have more smooth muscle damage especially to the heart and damage to the Central
Nervous System.

With all our research completed, due to the lack of safety testing in regards to hormone,histamine and IgE level effects due to challenge and rechallenge on the female and male physiology the risks of the HPV vaccines outweigh the benefits."

Freda Birrell another member of the group became involved in 2009, when her friend wrote to her asking for her help, saying that her daughter Bridget had become injured after the Gardasil vaccine.

Freda said that she asked me to find out if Cervarix was having the same effect on British girls as the Gardasil vaccine. After research I found that both vaccines were having serious adverse reactions.

Freda feels disillusioned with the British and Scottish Governments she said:-

"Both of the Health Ministers are too ready to come back with the usual information - any incidents which have occurred are either coincidental or part of population related illnesses. At no time, to my knowledge or satisfaction, do they investigate any of these illnesses. There are serious cases of arthralgia after vaccination with Cervarix and this condition has been researched and it is known that it is and can be vaccine related. Sadly, our Ministers do not wish to recognise that fact. There are many other serious illnesses which have occurred, eg a rare form of encephalitis, paralysis, blindness, seizures to name but a few. They are hiding their heads in the sand in the hope that it will all go away. That will never happen where the lives of our young girls are involved."

I asked Freda as she had studied both vaccines in detail if she felt that Cervarix was as dangerous as Gardasil. She said:-

"For the most part Cervarix elicits a much higher percentage of adverse events in the initial days after inoculation over Gardasil. The comparison suggests that Cervarix is much less safe than Gardasil. High percentages of fatigue, headache and myalgia may also be initially construed as the flu and not Cervarix related and therefore would not be reported as an adverse event related to the vaccination until the symtpoms persist past the one week time frame for the flu, Gardasil has incurred many deaths. Only one girl to our knowledge has died following a Cervarix vaccination and her case was attributed to her underlying illness, cancer. She was undergoing tests apparently at the time. Whilst we cannot say that Cervarix caused her death, the authorities likewise cannot say with 100% proof that it didnt. What we can say with 200% certainty is she should not have been vaccinated whilst undergoing medical testing".

Also discovered by the group was the fact that neither vaccine worked if the girls already had an HPV infection.

Slide 15 states:-

"Conclusions: Evidence detailed here regarding the poor efficacy of both Gardasil and
Cervarix on already infected women has to be investigated further. If this is occurring in
established infected groups of women then what will be occurring in the bodies of adolescent girl´s who in many cases may already be sexually active and be infected at the time of vaccination? In the United States and United Kingdom, HPV SCREENING DOES NOT

The group had discovered that contrary to belief HPV is not only a STD but can be transmitted through other means. This was discussed on slide 9.

"The next series of slides will address whether HPV is transmitted solely via sexual contact".

In the first research paper there is growing evidence that HPV infection is acquired through non-sexual routes and that one potential route is mother-to-child transmission in the perinatal period; referenced as vertical transmission.

In the second paper, it was noted that HPV´s have been detected in virgins, infants/children, and juvenile Laryngeal papillomatosis was shown to be caused by these viruses. It has been acknowledged that HPVs may be transmitted by other non-sexual routes as well."

Another very important point raised was the fact that over 250 girls who have had the vaccine have since had abnormal PAP Smear tests. This was thought to be because this group already had the HPV virus when they had the vaccine.

We now await the FDA's verdict on the impressive array of documents and factual information that this group of so called 'little women' put before them. Will the FDA acknowledge that far from the wonder vaccines that Gardasil and Cervarix were supposed to be, these vaccines were more like poison darts thrown at girls in a crucial stages of their sexual development? These vaccines were given to young girls in many different stages of puberty and at many different stages of their menstrual cycles. We are now left wondering if the manufacturers Merck and Glaxo Smith Kline ever even considered this when developing these vaccines.

I will finish with a dedication to Megan from the very special mother Karen Maynor who wrote to the FDA and started this whole series of amazing events.

She writes:


As I stand here and watch as your brother receives his award for Academic Excellence I cannot help but think of you now and how proud I know you would have been. It was hard for him Megan as he hurts so much because you are not here. When we come together as a family for these occasions it never feels right. We miss you so...

We are working hard for you babe to get this information out there so others will know what can happen with this vaccine. Help others to become informed. To keep other moms and dads from having to feel this pain.

There are so many now that are fighting for ones just like you and for the many that are injured. You should see them, facing the GIANTS of the FDA and Big Pharma with no fear. They are strong because they have the truth. They never got to know you but they are fighting for you.

We love you and miss you.."

A study conducted at the University of Michigan shows that, although parents overwhelmingly share the belief that vaccines are a good way to protect their children from disease, these same parents express concerns regarding potential adverse effects of vaccines.

They especially seem to question the safety of new vaccines.

The study is based on a survey of more than 1,500 parents that was conducted last year. About 12 percent of parents said they had refused to allow their children to receive a vaccine that a doctor recommended.

Those parents tended to shy away from four vaccines:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, because of concerns about side effects
  • Vaccine for meningococcal diseases, because of the risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome, an immune system disorder
  • The shot for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), because of potential autism risk
  • Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine

Of those who said they had refused a certain vaccine for their child(ren), the greatest share of parents said their concerns were based on something they had read, or heard, about the vaccine. An almost equal number said they believed that the risk for adverse effects from the vaccine was too great.

The study’s authors concluded that this finding indicates that current public health education campaigns on vaccine safety have not been effective, and that officials should make a better attempt at assuaging parents’ safety concerns.

The authors also suggested that the use of newer social marketing techniques (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) might be potential strategies for spreading the word about vaccines.


It’s ironic that this study found that health officials aren’t doing a good job at addressing parents’ concerns about vaccine safety. I happen to agree – but not for the same reasons as this study’s authors.

Contrary to what the study concludes, parents ARE getting the message health officials want them to hear. From pediatricians to schools, to legislators to local and national news outlets, the mantra that vaccines are good for you and as safe as can be is coming through loud and clear.

The only problem is, this is the age of the Internet. Unlike the old days, when parents had to unquestioningly accept everything health officials said as gospel truth, today they can think for themselves. If their 12-year-old athlete suddenly develops a neurological problem and is bedridden after the HPV vaccine, they can get online and find thousands of articles and blogs about HPV adverse reactions.

Or, more often than not, they do the research before their child gets a vaccine, by going online and scanning professional journals, or visiting health websites like this one. Then, when they’re in their pediatrician’s office, they’re armed with a wealth of information that, for certain, they wouldn’t get otherwise. Much of that information has to do with vaccine safety – or lack thereof.

So the problem is not that parents don’t know the truth about vaccine safety. For public health officials, the real problem is that they DO.

Do You Know YOU Can Use Patient Compiled Vaccine Injury

Database VAERS?

VAERS is a national surveillance database to which anyone can post. It was established in 1990 as a direct result of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, which requires health professionals and vaccine manufacturers to report to the HHS specific adverse events that occur after the administration of routinely recommended vaccines.

An important aspect of VAERS, however, is that anyone can both read and post vaccine adverse events to this database. So if your doctor discounts your concerns when your child regresses or gets ill after a vaccine, you can report them yourself – and that’s what people are doing in record numbers.

You can access VAERS here. Or, you can go to, which provides an easy, powerful search engine for looking up specific reactions or vaccines in the VAERS database.

Medalerts also gives monthly analyses and yearly summaries for VAERS. For example, if you go to the January, 2010 summary you can see that 2009 was a record-breaking year for the number of VAERS reports.

You will also see that Medalerts has graphed a 20-year history of several vaccine reports – and that the very vaccines parents voiced concerns about in the Michigan study are some of the ones with the highest adverse reaction numbers.

So What are the Most Dangerous Vaccines?

With over 70 vaccines included, VAERS is an excellent tool that can help you easily identify which vaccines are associated with the most side effects. It is important to know though that only a tiny fraction of the reactions are actually reported. Studies have estimated that a maximum of 10 percent, to as little as ONE percent of side effects are ever reported, so the true side effects are easily FAR higher than the statistics show.

Still, the VAERS database shows that, in the past three years, vaccine adverse reaction reports in general have shot through the roof.

For example, the top vaccine that parents in the Michigan survey were concerned about – the HPV vaccine -- has 68 deaths and nearly 18,000 events reported in conjunction with it.

No wonder parents are concerned about this vaccine!

In less than a handful of years, adverse reactions reported on the HPV vaccine – mainly Gardasil, since Cervarix was just recently approved for use in the US – number in the thousands, and are growing.

The Graphs Tell the Story

If you go back and look at the Medalerts graphs, you will see why parents are so worried about several of the vaccines on the market.

Looking at the chart, you will see that the reports were fairly low in 1990, as they would be since that was the year VAERS began. You’ll notice a steady increase in reports through the years – and then a sudden spike beginning in 2007, when several new vaccines came out, such as HPV and rotavirus.

If you look at those spikes, as well as the very highest lines on the graph, you will see that right up near the top are the newer vaccines parents said they are worried about – HPV, meningococcal (meningitis) and varicella. But according to Medalerts, the “old” vaccines, including MMR and polio, are maintaining a significantly high, but steady, level too.

So what are the other top vaccines that are being reported to VAERS? Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (DPT), hepatitis, pneumonia, varicella, HPV, shingles, meningitis, and rotavirus.

They are all vaccines that have been in the news, and which I have warned about many times.

US Supreme Court to Hear Case about Side Effects

Earlier in March, the US Supreme Court decided to rule on whether drug makers can be sued by parents who believe their children were harmed by a vaccine. USA Today reported March 8 that Robalee and Russell Bruesewitz asked the court to intervene, after the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that federal law bars them from such suits.

The parents filed the lawsuit originally against Wyeth, after their daughter, Hannah, suffered debilitating seizures within hours of getting her third DPT shot. Hannah is now a teenager, and suffers from residual seizure disorder.

The court is expected to hear the case in the fall – and all eyes will be on it.

Proof That Vaccines Didn’t Save Us

In the past few weeks HHS, the CDC and the FDA have been redesigning their websites. If you are a frequent visitor to these sites as I am, you will find that direct links to important information, such as vaccine manufacturers’ package inserts, which provide a wealth more information on possible side effects, are harder to find than they used to be.

However, the good news is, thanks to the Internet, you can still find all the vaccine information you’re looking for. And you can still make reports to VAERS, and look them up.

Through numerous websites such as the National Vaccine Information Center, as well as blogs and subject-specific websites, including my site, you can still access “the rest of the story,” such as this excellent report showing that, contrary to health officials’ claims, vaccines did NOT eradicate diseases in the developed world.

This excellent website shows in clear detail that the very diseases health officials say could kill us without vaccines not only were already on the decline when the relevant vaccines were introduced, but practically bottomed out.

Not only that, as this website explains, the disease graphs also:

“… illustrate that increases in the number of governmental mandated vaccines correlates with significant increases in death rates for children under the age of five (5); and that the practice is linked to sudden infant death syndrome; various degenerative diseases, including diabetes; and appears to cause general immune system impairment in infants and children.

Evidence also points to the practice of immunization as a principal factor in the recent massive increases in neurodegenerative conditions such as autism in children.”

If you compare the disease incidence charts to the Medalerts graphs, the striking thing you will see is that we have traded a bottomed-out disease incidence for runaway vaccine adverse events reports!

And they call that progress?

It only makes me wonder why health officials don’t acknowledge truth, when it is all right here. The data shows vaccines haven’t done a thing to stop disease in the US.

But don’t just take my word for it. Instead of ending this article on a sour note, I’d like to call your attention to an uplifting report that, perhaps, government health officials weren’t counting on. It just came out, in the form of a commentary in the March 10 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.

In “The Missing Voice of Patients in Drug-Safety Reporting,” this well-respected science-based, peer-reviewed journal suggests that it’s time for ostrich-like thinking in drug research and adverse reporting to come to an end. The journal says:

“The current drug-labeling practice for adverse events is based on the implicit assumption that an accurate portrait of patients’ subjective experiences can be provided by clinicians’ documentation alone.


Yet a substantial body of evidence contradicts this assumption, showing that clinicians systematically downgrade the severity of patients’ symptoms, that patients’ self-reports frequently capture side effects that clinicians miss, and that clinicians’ failure to note these symptoms results in the occurrence of preventable adverse events.”

No kidding!

We Need to Do a Better Job of Representing the Data

The purpose of the Michigan study was to find out what health officials can do to convince parents that vaccines are safe. They concluded that officials needed to do a better job at representing the data by selling safety through pediatricians and social marketing.

I couldn’t agree more.

Whether it’s through pediatricians, the media or social marketing, we do need to do a better job of representing the data – with one caveat: we also need to listen to the patients and their parents, and take their vaccine concerns seriously.

It’s time for health officials to recognize that parents want – and deserve – to be shown the science and the real data, and be given a choice when it comes to vaccinating themselves and their children.

CDC Wants to Muzzle the Media

Unfortunately, I see no signs of this actually happening. On the contrary, the US Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently told Reader's Digest that health officials had decided to tackle the problem of increasing concerns about vaccines causing autism by suppressing the press.

Yes, you read that right: in a March Reader's Digest interview in connection with H1N1 vaccines, Sebelius said:

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary.

We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.” [Emphasis mine.]

Not give them equal weight in their reporting? Isn’t telling both sides of an issue what “objective” journalism is all about?

The saddest part of this is that Sebelius is serious. Health officials’ latest answer to parents’ vaccine concerns is, if they can’t manipulate and fool you outright, then they’ll just muzzle the media.

Folks, you simply must realize that there’s no substitute for doing your own homework, especially on important topics such as this one. And always remember, you have the power to take control of your health, and the health of your children. Use it!

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New evidence shows hormones and HPV vaccines don't mix

Christina England
On March 12th 2010 a presentation was presented to the FDA by six women, voicing worldwide concerns that the HPV vaccines were not only dangerous but should be taken off the market altogether. Up until now, no one has known exactly what was said at that presentation but on Wednesday 31st March this all changed as Leslie Carol Botha one of the six women, a women´s health educator and a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research spoke for the first time to the public and medical profession live online at a webinar conference, hosted by Dr Mayer Eisenstein the Medical Director of Homefirst Health Services.

Botha, used the very same powerpoint, that was presented to the FDA and spoke for one hour about what was said to the FDA, she was aided by Cynthia Janak, a research journalist, also, one of the six women who gave the presentation to the FDA.

The webinar Global Backlash Against HPV Vaccines which can still be accessed through the archive, cleared up many myths surrounding the HPV vaccines. More importantly everything that was said can be backed up with medical evidence. Something that the drug companies who manufacture these vaccines have not made accessible to the public.

No longer do the public have to rely on what the Governments, the medical profession or the drug companies who make money from these vaccines tell us but we can hear for the first time the truth about the issues that affect our children.

The most important and fundamental issue surrounding the HPV vaccine, is that the HPV virus, portrayed to both the public and our Governments by GSK and Merck as an STD, is, not only an STD. In other words, the virus can also be caught through vertical transmission and hand to hand contact. This means that many girls who have never had a sexual relationship can already have the virus. In fact, many are born with it. As no screening takes place prior to vaccination, no one knows if the child has already contracted the HPV virus, this of course includes children who have been sexually abused. If a child who is HPV positive then goes on to have the HPV vaccine, they may still develop Cervical Cancer. This means that there is no certainty that the HPV vaccine will work in a subject who already has the virus.

Other facts raised, were:-

Many previously healthy children have become sick after the HPV vaccine.

Many children are getting flu like symptoms and paralysis after the vaccine.

60% of subjects who suffer an adverse reaction will suffer this within 16 days of the vaccine.

A staggering 71.3% of girls do not finish the course of three vaccines due to adverse reactions.

Of all the vaccines on the market where children had suffered a life threatening event, the majority of those who had a life threatening event suffered it after after a HPV vaccine.
Botha proved without a doubt, hormones and women 's menstrual cycles, play a key role in adverse events after the HPV vaccines. She said the women that she had studied that had had adverse reactions, generally fell into three sub sections.



3.Women who were due to menstruate.

Botha says that this is mainly due to the testosterone levels in their blood, this is she says because the hormone testosterone, absorbs heavy metals. The HPV vaccines have aluminium in them which is classified as a heavy metal. She also states that anyone who has a hormone imbalance could react badly to the HPV vaccine. She explained that many young girls having this vaccine are in the early stages of puberty and therefore have irregular cycles with hormone imbalances. She points out that where a women or young girl is, in her cycle, is crucial to how they react to this vaccine. For example, before menstruating, a women's immune system is low, due to her hormones, this is why she feels tired and irritable, having a vaccine at this time can cause her she says to react adversely to the vaccine.

Janak explained how the 'Gardasil girls', as they are now called, are, through their symptoms giving the children who suffer vaccine induced Autism, a voice. Many of the girls who have been adversely affected by Gardasil or Cervarix are experiencing severe migraines and many Autistic children bang their heads. She says it could be that these Autistic children are also experiencing severe migraines but because of their lack of language skills, cannot tell adults that their heads hurt. Many Gardasil and Cervarix victims complain of severe leg cramps and numbness. Again Janak explained how many Autistic children are known to rub their legs.

Botha said that many of the woman and children adversely affected by the HPV vaccines have died suddenly. She said "girls are just dropping dead". Janak explained this is due to the fact that many are experiencing heart problems brought on by these vaccines. She explained this by reading out parts of autopsy reports on some of the dead girls.

To listen to the webinar in full and see the powerpoint presentations please link to Global Backlash Against HPV Vaccines or go to the website The Truth About Gardasil

Janny Stokvis another member of the group made this moving video about the evidence she has found on both Gardasil and Cervarix.

A big thank you must be said to the six women who took a risk to help others. They will go down is history as six of the great. They are Freda Birrell, Leslie C Botha, Cynthia Janak, Rosemary Mathis, Karen Maynor, Janny Stokvis