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The situation in West Auckland, where approximately 100 children have been barred from attending Oratia School because they have not been vaccinated against measles is symptomatic of what happens when public health policies are highjacked by corporate interests, says Katherine Smith.  Smith is the spokeswoman for the group No Forced Vaccines set up to oppose coerced or forced vaccinations.

"Measles is usually a benign childhood disease that poses little risk to normally healthy children.  In fact, it is generally beneficial to have measles in childhood, as measles is generally more serious in adults than it is in children and because after a natural measles infection most people have lifelong immunity thereafter," says Smith.  "It is ridiculous to treat children who have been exposed to a normal childhood illness like the measles as social pariahs and bar them from attending school."

Such a policy, she asserts, is not likely to prevent the spread of measles – given that children who have been exposed to the measles may continue to have contact with other people outside the school environment who may not have had measles and be susceptible to the infection. 

"I believe the policy has been instituted to pressure parents who have decided not to give their children the controversial MMR vaccine to their children into vaccinating them – as the Ministry of Health knows that most parents of school age children work in paid jobs outside the home – and will be hurt economically by the edict banning their healthy, unvaccinated children from school." Smith says. 

Moreover, she asserts, this is not a decision based on health, but corporate profits.  "Ministry of Health policy when it comes to vaccinations is heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies." Smith continues, "In fact, the Ministry of Health is so cosy with the pharmaceutical industry that it continues to fund the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) even though the organisation has acknowledged pharmaceutical companies supplying vaccines to NZ as "sponsors" [1] and its website states that receives funding from 'private industry'." [2]

Information about vaccination on both the Ministry of Health and IMAC websites is misleading Smith says, as the pages intended for parents omit most of the potential side effects of the vaccines on the NZ childhood vaccination schedule. [3]

Unfortunately, Mrs Smith says, most people do not realise that IMAC receives funding from "private industry" and believe that its website and spokespeople, such as Dr Nikki Turner, who appeared on TV3's Campbell Live on June 8, offer reliable advice about diseases and vaccines.    

Advice from the Auckland Regional Public Health Service in leaflets sent home to parents of children at Oratia School, Mrs Smith says, has not been accurate.  A leaflet sent home with children stated that there "is not specific treatment for measles. Supportive treatment includes rest, plenty of fluid and paracetamol for fever."[4]

Smith expresses concern about the leaflet, citing research that showed that using drugs to lower fever during infections may prolong the illness and, in the case of severe infections, increase the risk of death.[5]

"The recommendation for children with measles to rest and have plenty of fluids is good advice.  However, these helpful supportive treatments are not the only options for people with the measles.  It has been known since the 1930s that vitamins A and D can be helpful treatments for the measles, and have the potential to reduce the risk of complications.[6] Vitamin C is also an important nutrient which helps the immune system to function efficiently during an infection, [7] and vitamin C supplements may be useful for children with measles."

Smith adds that because too much vitamin A and vitamin D can be toxic and high doses of vitamin C can cause problems for some people with rare genetic conditions, [8] advice from a health professional with training in nutritional medicine is important to ensure children receive the  correct doses.

In the case of rare but serious complications of measles, such as encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) Smith says, megadoses of vitamin C given by injection can be potentially lifesaving, noting that Dr Thomas Levy's book about vitamin C called Curing the Incurable  describes how a boy who was suffering from measles encephalitis recovered quickly and suffered no lasting ill effects after being given vitamin C by injection. [9]  

"Knowledge of these treatments is empowering for parents and can put their mind at ease that if their child does develop measles, there are treatments which can be helpful," Smith comments, adding that in her opinion "Given the excellent access to medical resources available in modern New Zealand, no one should die from measles."  The exception, she stated, might be people who were already suffering from life threatening medical problems at the time of developing the infection.

She also expressed concern about the claim in information sheets given to parents that the MMR vaccine is "safe and effective" given that the numerous adverse effects, some very serious, listed by the vaccine manufacturers' datasheets [10] [11] and the large amount of scientific evidence linking MMR vaccination to autism. [12]


[6]  (Modern research has focused on vitamin A.  See: 


Posted 6 January 2011  


New side effects of the Gardasil vaccine–the drug marketed by Merck to reduce cervical cancer –are being brought to light.  Thanks to patient rights groups, the symptoms listed on the drug’s insert, which include fainting, seizures and soreness at the injection site  should have a few more.  With thousands of women suffering side effects after any one of this three shot vaccination series, the truth about this dangerous drug goes beyond cervical cancer and has been linked to a variety of immune reactions including Guillain Barre Syndrome, and idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) a immune-mediated clotting disorder.

First, medical researchers have presented data that shows that the vaccine is not really any more protective against this common female cancer than regular screenings and PAP smears are.  Merck ran a convincing campaign for the medication which was released to the market in 2006 and advertised to protect against the four most common strains of  human papilloma virus (HPV) a sexually transmitted disease that is known to trigger changes in the cells of the cervix which can lead to cancer. The drug is marketed for girls between the age of 9 and 26, but very little testing has been conducted on girls younger than 15, and it was released for use without fully understanding its side effects.  Due to struggling sales, Gardasil has recently been approved for use in men and boys to prevent anal cancers, and for women up until age 45.

In the analysis of nine VAERS reports released by the group SANE Vax, specific incidences of the side effect ITP were cited for several women just weeks, or days after vaccination.  ITP appears to be a condition where the body produces antibodies to platelets.  Platelets are a component of the blood that are responsible for sticking together and causing blood to clot normally.  When antibodies form it is a sign that the body is attacking itself.  As a result platelet levels can drop dangerously low and result in bruising, and bleeding from the nose and gums or produce heavy menstrual cycles. Extremely low platelet counts can lead to death from bleeding around the brain, or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Report after report tells the brief, abbreviated stories of something much more difficult to convey on paper.  The life-changing illnesses that state simply, Recovered? NO.  Disabled? YES. So matter of fact, yet the incidences of  ITP just hours or days after Gardasil is not considered to be a severe reaction.  In more than one case, medical doctors who consulted on the patient agreed that the symptoms were in fact caused by the Gardasil vaccine.

Dig deeply for the facts before you roll up your sleeve.  Symptoms and complications abound with the Gardasil vaccine and the information is out there if you know where to look. Certainly every young girl who has been injured by this shot would have loved to know the dangers before theirs.

POSTED 3 August 2011      BY Julie Smith 

Well the MOH radio adverts have started in earnest down here in Timaru to encourage an increase in uptake of Gardasil from it's dismal 6 per cent so far this year. The advert has a young woman introducing herself as Portia and telling us all of the wonderful benefits of this new vaccine out there called Gardasil, the Cervical Cancer Vaccine and how HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and that Gardasil can prevent cervical cancer etc

My partner made the comment, "what an interesting choice of name for the girl doing the ad". He told me all about Portia spiders and how they operate.

Portia's trick and deceive other spiders, i.e. tap on another spider's web to entice it out to catch what it thinks is a trapped insect and whammy Portia grabs them.  So they deceive their own kind with the intent to harm and kill.  Pretty much what Gardasil is.  Coincidence I guess and maybe Portia is just a cool sounding name chosen to gain the target age group's (young girls) trust.
Also worth noting is the news reports of the Government's reasoning for banning Kronic.
"Because it causes racing hearts and seizures in some people" Gardasil does the same but no banning of that. Kronic reportedly contains prescription drugs, and this is also being touted as one of the reasons it's so dangerous.  However if these same prescription drugs are gained via a doctors prescription they are OK.  I guess it all comes down to dosage, and there's always going to be someone who wants more.  Add to this patents and drug trials not being cheap and Pharma wanting to keep their vice like grip on the money trail, and it all starts to make some sort of reverse sense.
The Sunday programme on vaccinations was an excellent piece of journalism last week.  IMAC's Nikki Turner's not putting out the fires quite so well these days, when she makes comments regarding "unproven" ACC payouts.  What grated me with Nikki was her nonchalant comment when questioned regarding vaccine deaths/severe reactions something along the lines "oh well you're always going to get deaths" which she knows their floored diagnosis systems will conveniently show no real link.  Guess she's happy for someone else's child to be sacrificed for the "herd immunity" just as long as it's not hers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

 (NaturalNews) Rupert Murdoch's media empire News Corp., which represents the second largest media conglomerate in the world behind the Walt Disney Company, is taking a severe beating as Murdoch himself is having to address various criminal allegations, including that his News of the World tabloid illegally hacked private phone lines and committed various other crimes (

But Murdoch's media malpractice runs even deeper as his strong connections to the pharmaceutical industry also fueled his media machine's fabrication of lies against Dr. Andrew Wakefield, as well as hid from the public the true dangers of DNA vaccines that permanently corrupt human genes and cause autism.

Murdoch has built quite a reputation for himself as a scoundrel of sorts, as many Americans who identify with the "left" side of the political spectrum have accused him of pandering to the "right" by skewing the news to appeal to "conservatives" (Murdoch owns FOX News, after all).

But what Murdoch's organization is actually doing on all fronts with its various media outlets, including FOX, is pushing much bigger agendas that supersede any alleged "right vs. left" paradigm. One such agenda is News Corp.'s routine censorship of the dangerous truth about drugs and vaccines, which include smear campaigns like those levied against Dr. Wakefield who conduct legitimate research that contradicts mainstream medical thought.

News Corp. systematically destroyed the reputation of Dr. Wakefield, lied about his work

If you are unfamiliar with the Dr. Wakefield story, you can read more about it in previous NaturalNews articles ( But as a quick recap, Dr. Wakefield basically discovered through credible research that the combination measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine was linked to mental and physiological health problems, and that the individual measles vaccine should be given to children instead until further research on the safety of MMR could be conducted.

By Leslie Carol Botha, Vice President of Public Relations
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September 5, 2011

SANE Vax Inc. contracted with an independent lab to test for contamination and found HPV recombinant DNA (rDNA) in 13 vaccine vials.  The Gardasil vials with different lot numbers were from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Poland, France and three states in the U.S.  100% of the samples tested positive for the presence of the genetically modified HPV DNA.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist at the Milford Hospital pathology laboratory well-known for using cutting-edge DNA sequencing for molecular diagnoses, was initially contracted to examine a single sample of Gardasil for possible contamination. This sample tested positive for recombinant HPV-11 and HPV-18 residues, both of which were firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant.

In a certified letter mailed to FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg on August 29, 2011, SANE Vax Inc. requested ‘the FDA investigate the extent of the HPV DNA contamination in the Gardasil HPV4 vaccine currently on the market and take appropriate actions to ensure public safety regarding future shipments.’ 1.

Why Did SANE Vax Inc. Investigate Possible Gardasil Contamination?

The mother of a sexually naïve adolescent girl who developed acute onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis within 24 hours of her last injection of the Gardasil™ series contacted SANE Vax Inc. looking for more information.

In an effort to help her now very sick daughter the mother went to an MD practicing naturopath who conducted a toxicity test that eventually found HPV DNA in the girl’s blood.  The significance of this finding is that it is highly unusual to find HPV DNA in the blood. HPV, if present in the body, exists in the epithelial (skin and mucosa) membranes. HPV or its DNA, by itself does not survive for any great length of time in the bloodstream. Why was the HPV DNA in her bloodstream two years post-vaccination?

Natural vs. Recombinant DNA

According to Dr. Lee, “‘Natural HPV DNA does not remain in the bloodstream for very long. However, the HPV DNA in Gardasil™ is not ‘natural’ DNA. It is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA) – genetically engineered – to be inserted into yeast cells for VLP (virus-like-particle) protein production. rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. It may enter a human cell, especially in an inflammatory lesion caused by the effects of the aluminum adjuvant, via poorly understood mechanisms.

 FDA questioned about genetically engineered HPV DNA in Gardasil worldwide.

BY Hilary Butler - Monday, September 05, 2011

All New Zealand samples contaminated.

A few days ago, an American organisation put on their website a copy of a letter sent to the FDA, in which they stated that thirteen samples of Gardasil from Poland, France, Spain, USA, New Zealand and Australia, made in four different Merck factories (USA, Holland, France and CSL Australia) had been tested, and found to contain genetically engineered dna fragments which the purification process failed to remove. Yesterday, a more detailed press release was put onto SANE-Vax's site, which showed samples contaminated with HPV DNA 11 and 18. The New Zealand results can be seen here.

One of the genetically engineered particles found is said to be a genetically engineered syntheticaly constructed gene designed to instruct the yeast or baculovirus cells, to make the HPV-11 outer capsid protein (virus-like particles) for the Gardasil vaccine.

This is the Pubmed site for GenBank Locus SCU55993, which is the picture below, of ONE of the alleged contaminants:


Wavy lines mean nothing to me, and probably nothing to you.

SANE-vax's letter doesn't specifically say what the other contaminants are, but say that the rest of their proof is available for review provided that FDA provides " appropriate safeguards ... to protect the proprietary processes and information utilized by our laboratory to test the samples."

To me, no platitudes and fob-offs on this issue are acceptable.

The first question that comes to mind is,

"Is this a big deal?"

This isn't a quality issue in one factory.

The problem, according to the testing done by SANE-vax shows;

A global manufacturing fault.

A global manufacturing issue relating to vaccine design, process and purity - IS - a big deal.

The next question is:

Are the "genetically altered HPV DNA fragments" a big deal?

I don't know, since this is going where no-one has gone before.

This is not like the situation recently when porcine viruses were found, as a contaminant of tripsin in the Rotavirus vaccine.

We are talking about the alleged laboratory identification of ONE specific genetically modified viral sequence (GenBank Locus SCU55993) spliced into the DNA of another species, for the manufacture of Gardasil, plus other so far unspecified "contaminants".

"Do the manufacturers of Gardasil claim there is no DNA in Gardasil?"

Yes they do!

During the licensure process Merck assured the FDA that Gardasil had no DNA in it, but nowhere on the FDA website are there any tests which proved that. And this is the first ever vaccine which specifically claims there is no DNA in the vaccine.

As a matter of historical interest, Dr Maurice Hilleman, whose name is synonymous with Merck said in this article about mammalian cell cultures:

"The principal concern for safety lies with retention of residual DNA in the vaccine, especially since induction of cancer is a single-cell phenomenon, and a single functional unit of foreign DNA integrated into the host cell genome might serve to induce cell transformation as a single event or part of a series of multifactorial events. Current proposed standards for vaccines would permit contamination with up to 100 pg of heterologous DNA per dose. This is equivalent to about 10(8) "functional lengths" of DNA. Total safety would seem to require complete absence of DNA from the product."

Don't Give This to Your Daughter – Despite What Your Doctor Says

by Joseph Mercola

    It's been four years since Gardasil debuted as a blockbuster vaccine with sales that rocketed to over $1.1 billion in its first nine months.

Touted as a wonder vaccine that would end cervical cancer, it was supposed to be the savior of both mankind and Merck's Vioxx-damaged bottom line. But now, according to CNN Money, it's a dud.

It just posted $219 million in sales. But in the pharma world, that's a paltry pittance, nothing short of an in-flight explosion that's caused Merck stock to drop 3 percent, with analysts and investors scrambling to figure out what went wrong.

So what happened?

How did a vaccine that was supposed to be Merck's beacon for higher profits in the 21st Century go from flagship to flop?

The Science Speaks for Itself

CNN Money calls Gardasil's crash a "design flaw" and faults the economy, puritanical parents, bad press, and Merck itself for contributing to the fallout.

The article ends with the hypothesis: "Or, maybe people just aren't ready for a cancer vaccine when it's for a sexually transmitted disease."

I think they're way off the mark.

The real reason Gardasil is a flop is that people have become educated about this vaccine.

They've looked at the science and weighed the risks vs. the supposed benefits, and have made a choice not to get it for themselves or their children.
 The word is out: despite what the CDC would have you believe, Gardasil's safety record is in serious question. As of September 28, 2010, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has more than 18,000 Gardasil-related adverse events listed in it, including at least 65 deaths.

As a vaccine used in the developed world, the science speaks for itself: Gardasil can't – and never will – replace Pap smears, which are the reason that the incidence of cervical cancer is so low in the United States after decades of including pap smears in routine medical care for women.

Today, cervical cancer is not even in the top 10 cancers that kill American women every year.

As a vaccine for children, it doesn't make sense to vaccinate to try to prevent an infection that is cleared from your body without any negative effects within two years in most healthy persons, and is not transmitted in a school setting like other airborne diseases that are easily transmitted in crowded conditions.