17 year-old Kahlia spent 2009 as a rotary exchange student in the United States, touching the hearts of all who were lucky enough to come in contact with her. She gave 100% to everything she attempted, nothing less was good enough for her.

The word achiever was hardly adequate when it came to Kahlia. She loved life, loved helping others, loved school, and loved dancing. Always very organized, Kahlia was one of the few teenagers you meet with a plan for her life. She knew how things were going to be -- she would make sure of it. Kahlia was an inspiration to all; the perfect ambassador for her country.

All of this came to a screeching halt when she returned to her home in New Zealand and had her first injection of Gardasil. That was the 27th of January 2010. Exactly one month later, she was in the hospital.

As difficult as the physical symptoms have been, the emotional toll is even worse. Her life has changed, and not for the better. Kahlia finds it hard to accept her dreams for a bright future falling down around her. She faces many sleepless nights wondering if her previous abilities can be restored.

Kahlia had to withdraw from school because she tires so quickly and is no longer able to concentrate as she used to. Even so, she has not given up. She now works part-time and is looking for ways to continue her education. She refuses to allow her symptoms to ruin her life completely. Kahlia is still an inspiration to others.

Here is Kahlia's story in her own words:

On the 27th of January, I had my first vaccination against cervical cancer. I started to experience headaches and nausea, which I did not put down to the vaccine at first. Over the next three weeks, I experienced uncontrollable mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, and clumsiness. I passed out a week before I was actually admitted to the hospital.

On the night of the 27th of February, I was taken to the hospital because I had tight, stabbing chest pains, shortness of breath, and headaches. My left leg had started spasming and I had a heavy feeling on my left side,. After x-rays, ECG and blood tests all came back clear, I was sent home.

When I awoke on the morning of March 1st, I had a numb, heavy feeling in my left cheek and left arm. I pulled back the covers to see that my left leg was swollen and bright purple. When I crawled out of bed, I realized I couldn't lift my leg or bend my knee. My mother took me to the doctors, who then called an ambulance. My left leg was 3 cm bigger in circumference than the other one, and hypersensitive. They suspected a blood clot. The hospital  I went to wanted to send me home, yet again, but my mother put her foot down.

I was admitted to the hospital on the morning of the 2nd of March, not realizing I would be there for a month. During my stay, I had every possible test related to my symptoms; symptoms that were rapidly changing. My leg was now freezing cold.

After a week and a half in the general ward, I was moved to rehabilitation. Slowly, with an increase in pain medication, I was able to regain a little mobility back. However, I had many setbacks.

My symptoms seem to repeat within my menstrual cycle, worse at certain points during the cycle. In April, my left eye dried up -- a new symptom for me.

I was discharged from the hospital with causes 'unknown.' My mum had researched Gardasil throughout my hospital stay. She found all symptoms related to what I had been experiencing. We suggested Gardasil as a cause to the doctors.

They will not say it is 100% the cause because they cannot prove it. On the other hand, they can't say it's not 100% the cause because they cannot prove that either.

It took me three months to begin thinking about returning to school. Most days I feel nauseated and tired. Every cervical cancer vaccine ad I see or hear makes me angry.

I am a young 17 year old who is usually bubbly, positive and outgoing. Now, I am too scared to go into public places or be around people because I fret the questions, looks and thoughts. This has definitely ruined my life and needs to be stopped.

Since Kahlia wrote her story, another month has passed. She continues to experience new symptoms. She has been to the doctor every week for the last 8 weeks. First, her toe got infected. Her periods have become extremely erratic, sometimes only days apart. Another toe infection, and tonsillitis. She does not heal well. All of this along with the previous symptoms.

Will Kahlia's life ever return to normal? No one knows for sure, but there is no doubt she and her family are living the Gardasil nightmare.