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Murdoch's media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

 (NaturalNews) Rupert Murdoch's media empire News Corp., which represents the second largest media conglomerate in the world behind the Walt Disney Company, is taking a severe beating as Murdoch himself is having to address various criminal allegations, including that his News of the World tabloid illegally hacked private phone lines and committed various other crimes (http://www.naturalnews.com/033034_N...).

But Murdoch's media malpractice runs even deeper as his strong connections to the pharmaceutical industry also fueled his media machine's fabrication of lies against Dr. Andrew Wakefield, as well as hid from the public the true dangers of DNA vaccines that permanently corrupt human genes and cause autism.

Murdoch has built quite a reputation for himself as a scoundrel of sorts, as many Americans who identify with the "left" side of the political spectrum have accused him of pandering to the "right" by skewing the news to appeal to "conservatives" (Murdoch owns FOX News, after all).

But what Murdoch's organization is actually doing on all fronts with its various media outlets, including FOX, is pushing much bigger agendas that supersede any alleged "right vs. left" paradigm. One such agenda is News Corp.'s routine censorship of the dangerous truth about drugs and vaccines, which include smear campaigns like those levied against Dr. Wakefield who conduct legitimate research that contradicts mainstream medical thought.

News Corp. systematically destroyed the reputation of Dr. Wakefield, lied about his work

If you are unfamiliar with the Dr. Wakefield story, you can read more about it in previous NaturalNews articles (http://www.naturalnews.com/Andrew_W...). But as a quick recap, Dr. Wakefield basically discovered through credible research that the combination measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine was linked to mental and physiological health problems, and that the individual measles vaccine should be given to children instead until further research on the safety of MMR could be conducted.


POSTED 3 August 2011      BY Julie Smith 

Well the MOH radio adverts have started in earnest down here in Timaru to encourage an increase in uptake of Gardasil from it's dismal 6 per cent so far this year. The advert has a young woman introducing herself as Portia and telling us all of the wonderful benefits of this new vaccine out there called Gardasil, the Cervical Cancer Vaccine and how HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and that Gardasil can prevent cervical cancer etc

My partner made the comment, "what an interesting choice of name for the girl doing the ad". He told me all about Portia spiders and how they operate.

Portia's trick and deceive other spiders, i.e. tap on another spider's web to entice it out to catch what it thinks is a trapped insect and whammy Portia grabs them.  So they deceive their own kind with the intent to harm and kill.  Pretty much what Gardasil is.  Coincidence I guess and maybe Portia is just a cool sounding name chosen to gain the target age group's (young girls) trust.
Also worth noting is the news reports of the Government's reasoning for banning Kronic.
"Because it causes racing hearts and seizures in some people" Gardasil does the same but no banning of that. Kronic reportedly contains prescription drugs, and this is also being touted as one of the reasons it's so dangerous.  However if these same prescription drugs are gained via a doctors prescription they are OK.  I guess it all comes down to dosage, and there's always going to be someone who wants more.  Add to this patents and drug trials not being cheap and Pharma wanting to keep their vice like grip on the money trail, and it all starts to make some sort of reverse sense.
The Sunday programme on vaccinations was an excellent piece of journalism last week.  IMAC's Nikki Turner's not putting out the fires quite so well these days, when she makes comments regarding "unproven" ACC payouts.  What grated me with Nikki was her nonchalant comment when questioned regarding vaccine deaths/severe reactions something along the lines "oh well you're always going to get deaths" which she knows their floored diagnosis systems will conveniently show no real link.  Guess she's happy for someone else's child to be sacrificed for the "herd immunity" just as long as it's not hers.


Posted By Dr. Mercola | April 29 2011

Vaccines can contain live or killed lab altered microorganisms, and also carcinogens, heavy metals, and mutated proteins. Recent news can give you an indication of the unsuspected results that can occur when you inject such a cocktail into your body.

Results from a Swedish study found a roughly 400 percent increased risk of narcolepsy in children and adolescents vaccinated with Pandemrix. The results are similar to those found in a Finnish study.

According to the Swedish Lakemedelsverket:

“An ongoing case inventory study ... is expected to give further support to the results ... and will hopefully contribute with new knowledge on the clinical course of the disease and possible risk factors. These results are expected to be available this summer.”

As you know, health authorities around the globe fiercely maintain that vaccines are safe, regardless of what's happening in the real world. Time and again, serious side effects from vaccines are overlooked and swept under the rug as being "coincidental."

But just how many coincidences does it take before a pattern emerges, and how long do you stare at the pattern before you acknowledge that it's there?

It's all very convenient to ascribe all vaccine reactions to sheer chance; brushing them aside with comments like, "they would have gotten ill anyway due to predisposition."

However, once you take the time to truly investigate the information we already have at our disposal, in the form of medical studies and disease statistics, it's quite clear that a pattern is staring us right in the face. In a nutshell, this pattern could be summarized by saying that vaccines generally reduce health and worsen health outcomes.

Patterns of Vaccine-Induced DiseaseThere are all sorts of research showing that vaccines can, and do, cause or contribute to disease—either the disease the vaccine is supposed to protect against, or other diseases. Here's are but a few examples that I've covered in previous articles:


  • Vaccinating children against chickenpox can increase the risk of adult shingles. Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a painful blistering rash that is potentially dangerous in the elderly. According to researchers at Britain's Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS), while vaccination might save thousands of lives over time, thousands of elderly people may also suffer the painful effects of shingles and even die prematurely from the complications of shingles.
  •

    Posted 6 January 2011  


    New side effects of the Gardasil vaccine–the drug marketed by Merck to reduce cervical cancer –are being brought to light.  Thanks to patient rights groups, the symptoms listed on the drug’s insert, which include fainting, seizures and soreness at the injection site  should have a few more.  With thousands of women suffering side effects after any one of this three shot vaccination series, the truth about this dangerous drug goes beyond cervical cancer and has been linked to a variety of immune reactions including Guillain Barre Syndrome, and idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) a immune-mediated clotting disorder.

    First, medical researchers have presented data that shows that the vaccine is not really any more protective against this common female cancer than regular screenings and PAP smears are.  Merck ran a convincing campaign for the medication which was released to the market in 2006 and advertised to protect against the four most common strains of  human papilloma virus (HPV) a sexually transmitted disease that is known to trigger changes in the cells of the cervix which can lead to cancer. The drug is marketed for girls between the age of 9 and 26, but very little testing has been conducted on girls younger than 15, and it was released for use without fully understanding its side effects.  Due to struggling sales, Gardasil has recently been approved for use in men and boys to prevent anal cancers, and for women up until age 45.

    In the analysis of nine VAERS reports released by the group SANE Vax, specific incidences of the side effect ITP were cited for several women just weeks, or days after vaccination.  ITP appears to be a condition where the body produces antibodies to platelets.  Platelets are a component of the blood that are responsible for sticking together and causing blood to clot normally.  When antibodies form it is a sign that the body is attacking itself.  As a result platelet levels can drop dangerously low and result in bruising, and bleeding from the nose and gums or produce heavy menstrual cycles. Extremely low platelet counts can lead to death from bleeding around the brain, or gastrointestinal bleeding.

    Report after report tells the brief, abbreviated stories of something much more difficult to convey on paper.  The life-changing illnesses that state simply, Recovered? NO.  Disabled? YES. So matter of fact, yet the incidences of  ITP just hours or days after Gardasil is not considered to be a severe reaction.  In more than one case, medical doctors who consulted on the patient agreed that the symptoms were in fact caused by the Gardasil vaccine.

    Dig deeply for the facts before you roll up your sleeve.  Symptoms and complications abound with the Gardasil vaccine and the information is out there if you know where to look. Certainly every young girl who has been injured by this shot would have loved to know the dangers before theirs.


     BY KATHERINE SMITH    8 APRIL 2011        


    On March 24, 2011, the Report of the Health Select Committee's Inquiry into "How to improve [increase] immunisation [vaccination] completion  rates" in New Zealand which was published on the parliamentary website. The government has 90 days (from March 24) to respond to the report.

    The full report is posted at this link:

    The Health Select Committee (under the leadership of Dr Paul Hutchison) has produced a report that not only recommends raising the targeted vaccination completion rate to 95% for NZ children aged 0-4.  It also proposes a target be set for 11 year olds.

    The report also recommends that the government make children's enrollment at school and early childhood centres  dependent on parents producing proof of their children's vaccination status and – even more ominously – suggests that government consider linking "existing parental benefits" to vaccination.

    If the government accepts the recommendations in the report, it appears that parents will be forced to choose whether their child has no vaccinations – or all vaccinations on the schedule in order to enroll in a school or early childhood education centre.  Eligibility for the 20 Hours Free Early Childhood Education may also be restricted to children who have had all recommended vaccinations (or whose parents have decided against vaccination) according to Page 33 of the Report.  Moreover, it is also possible that parents who do not comply with this "all or nothing" approach to vaccination (for example those who want their children to have some vaccines, but not others) may face financial penalties.  

    The report represents a significant attack on parents' rights to make health care decisions for their children.

    We are in an election year; if you disagree with the recommendations in the report,  please act now to let all political parties know that you find this unacceptable.

    Please forward this message widely and visit the website www.noforcedvaccines.org  as soon as you can for more information and for ideas on how you can help with the campaign to resist the erosion of human rights threatened by this Report.

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